Ruger 10/22 vs Marlin 60

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    Of course...the Marlin 60 has sold over 12 million rifles and is the Most Popular .22lr semi-auto due to that fact.

    The Ruger 10/22 has sold over 7 million, yet only came out 3 years after the Marlin 60...and it's never caught up...
    and never will.

    While you can replace almost everything on a 10/22...the sad fact is, for real precision out of them, you NEED to.
    Volquartzen has made a cottage industry out of making 10/22 replacement parts...and now even
    makes 10/22 rifles better than anything Ruger ever could hope to make.

    With a Marlin 60 or 795...the barrels are already precise...not much need to change 'em.
    Heck, the 795 comes with a Medium-weight tapered barrel, which is the same as the one on the old Marlin 700..
    Marlin figured out that the 700 style barrel was even more precise than the original 70HC/70P, so made the switch.
    The only things that NEED to be done to a Marlin is Bolt-polishing & Trigger-polishing...which frankly, are needed on the 10/22 as well.

    There are some nifty options available for the Marlins...ya gotta search a bit for 'em, but some of us run a listing over on G&G, and occasionally I post about things that I test or buy to upgrade mine on every board I'm a member of.

    Fun part is, almost anything you can stick on a Ruger, you can use on a Marlin with a little modding ;)
    The Marlin is thinner, so stocks need to be built up a bit to hold the action...
    but all the same rules apply to fitting an airsoft stock to a Marlin as they do a Ruger.

    Now if only Manufacturer's of Ruger gear would realize that there are 12 million Marlin 60's & 3 million 795's & another 5 million 70/700/7000/995's out there than NEED ACCESSORIES. There's an almost untapped market just waiting for intelligent people to jump in.

    Boyd's does a special run of stocks for the 60/795 every other month or have to be on-the-ball when they come out, because they usually sell out within 72 hours or less. Last run was 4 different colors of Thumbhole stocks, the first two of four colors sold out within 12 hours, then the third within 24, and the last within 72 (they made a lot more in Natural).
    The next run will start selling on 6/29/10. Watch Boyd's website for more info on that date...and I'd be on early...:)

    Tech-Sights came out with a perfect sight system for the marlin 60/795's...and has sold quite a few over the last two years. Enough to where they are pretty darn happy.

    Come out with something good, reasonably priced, and word gets around the Marlin community fast...especially if I find out about it...even more so if I test it and it turns out GOOD ;)

    Rimfire Technologies is proof of that...they started making ONE little Marlin item...and now have 11 Items currently, and a few more in the testing stages that will be out soon :)

    Heck, I'm working on producing a nifty rear sight specific to Marlin semi-auto's, but will also fit on any 3/8th's rail.
    Even if I just sell to One-Half a Percent of the total of Marlin semi-auto-owners...I'll definitely recoup my costs ;)
    More than likely I'll be able to put a kid or two thru college on it alone, even with just a two-dollar profit per unit.
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  2. temain

    temain New Member

    Nov 6, 2006
    15[/img][/url][/IMG][​IMG][/url][/IMG]I have 2 of each, in blue, and stainless, and they are both great guns, I paid $125 for the Model 60 Stainless in the pic, my Stainless 10/22 has a cheap Tasco 3x9x40 scope on it, and it is a tack driver. I like the open sights on the marlins, a little better than the rugers. Both are excellent rifles, and you should at least have one of each
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  3. tenbears

    tenbears New Member

    Jun 11, 2008
    The Marlin's Do have an advantage with their Micro-Grooved barrel, but their feed ramp does cause bullet deformity when forced up the ramp and into the chamber and prone to feed jams with hollow points.. At close range it probably wouldn't make that much of a difference, but if your set on pin point accuracy, it may cause you headaches.
    The Ruger has the advantage of the magazine bring the bullet up higher and closer to the chamber, and I have not noticed any striping of the bullets, so less jams with different types of bullets styles. I have the Ruger and have had a Marlin Model 60. To me both are very well made rifles. I didn't have to modify the Ruger to get accuracy out of it. I hear allot of other people who say they had to modify it to correct that. Maybe I got luck, or maybe it was operator error.
  4. XIDshooter

    XIDshooter New Member

    Apr 26, 2010
    Have a 60 already,ALMOST bought a 10/22 today.Dicks has them for a little over 200.00.
    I may still................................
  5. docmaggot

    docmaggot New Member

    Oct 8, 2010

    Hey if you can link me to a place with a walk-through of such "a 15 minute trigger job" on a Marlin 60, I'd really appreciate it: the only "trigger jobs" I've seen described online are pretty darn intimidating! Thanks.
  6. Kent Detective

    Kent Detective New Member

    Jul 18, 2010
    Two of THE most popular .22LR rimfire rifles in the world today.

    I'd prefer the Marlin 60 to a Ruger 10/22 any day but it's all about taste mainly. They are both pretty good budget rifles and both are capable of awesome accuracy once you have spent money to improve them. The Ruger 10/22 has a very very basic trigger that can't be adjusted easily.

    These two rifles have outsold everything else worldwide in the past 30 years + by a factor of 10 or more! :eek: I think the Marlin 60 has been around for 40 years + which is truly amazing.

    Then again I'd prefer a CZ or a quality Brit made rifle over a Marlin.

    Pity that there aren't any British made options out there any more.... (R.I.P Webley & Scott, BSA etc). :( I am a Brit afterall....
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  7. Toolmanroberts

    Toolmanroberts New Member

    Sep 16, 2010
    I own both. They are both great guns. I do think that the Marlin has the edge when it comes to accuracy, at least the stock version.
  8. rvehock

    rvehock New Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    Own both and like them equally, purchased my 10/22 for $89 brand new way back in the day. Picked up two Marlin 60's for my boys at Kmart for $90 each which included a nice camo case and a scope.
  9. Sandman

    Sandman New Member

    Jun 17, 2009
    I own a Marlin 60. I have never sold a gun in my life, but have given serious though to selling that one many times. Only reason that I don't is that I don't think I can get enough to make it worthwhile. I couldn't sell it for much and keep a clear conscience. Maybe mine is just a lemon, but I won't give them a second chance. I don't own a 10/22, but own lots of other Rugers. I would take a Ruger over the model 60 in a heartbeat.
  10. thomas44

    thomas44 New Member

    Mar 16, 2008
    I just talked to a guy today at the range who was/is struggling with his Marlin 60, but he admitted that he only has problems with certain ammo but certain other ammo functions flawlessly. Seems like a simple solution to me. ?? .22's can be finicky about ammo, so I guess you have to experiment and stick with what works, which is fun in and of itself.
  11. Tinmancr1

    Tinmancr1 New Member

    Oct 25, 2010
    Ruger all the way you can do anything with them yeah they cost more but they are worth it.
    Personally mine is tacced out and set for fast 100yd sub moa shooting, or home defense.
    I must say mine was my first rifle and has killed so much small game I lost count, it has taken 50,000+rds and still is moa original barrel.
    I have yet to shoot marlin but don't like the way it looks or the design.
    however the marlin sells like no other but costs about half as much.
    both are great manufacturers I use only Marlin levers, I have owned 6 Rugers of all types and still have most of them.
    look em over feel them and weigh the odds personal preference is a funny thing.
  12. group17

    group17 New Member

    Apr 30, 2010
    The Ruger is all about the options.
    If you don't want the options get the Marlin and save some money.
  13. lawsonej

    lawsonej New Member

    Oct 19, 2011
    First weapon: Marlin model 60....22" barrel, 18 round tube, auto-open when last round is fired. Mom and dad bought it around 85 for 60-somthin bucks. Well i adopted it, added some tech sights, and has been the very best rifle i have ever many rifles and shotguns, but this is the only gun i would NEVER sell. Rugers are awesome. But i'd be glad to shoot head to head with any ruger straight out of the box. Marlin made a great firearm. Varmits and pop cans fear me....:D
  14. woolleyworm

    woolleyworm Active Member

    Feb 23, 2009
    SW Fort Worth
    Welcome to TFF and great intro! You'll find plenty of mod 60 fans around here, 10/22 fans too.
  15. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    Ya want Marlin "Big Shrek 60/795 accessories", you'll find 7 pages of Marlin accessories at my second home forum :)
    Stocks, trigger kits, etc...plenty of toys.

    Not to mention that any Ruger 1022 stock can be modded to accept the Marlin 60 or 795... :)
    Does help if you are handy with wood/plastic modifications...;)

    Heck, if you can slip a Marlin 795 into an M1 can stick one into dang near anything!!

    Out of the box...with nothing but a cleaning, the 60 will eat the 1022-T's lunch 99 times outta 100.
    There's a reason over 13 million Marlin 60's have sold since 1960...
    and only 7.3 Million 1022's since 1963...
    Precision for lower cost rules.
    Its also nice that the Marlin need NOTHING to shoot one-hole groups at 50 yards...
    except maybe a little trigger/sear polishing...and good quality ammo.
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  16. fuzebox40

    fuzebox40 Active Member

    Mar 29, 2010
    Apple Valley, Ca.
    My feelings exactly. I would only add that with the Marlin you get your choice of tube or box-mag feed and at roughly 30 percent less it's the better bargain for my needs but still it's personal preference. The 10-22 is more upgradeable if that's important. I like them both but then I rarely meet a gun I can't get along with.
  17. popgun

    popgun New Member

    Sep 21, 2009
    +1` i agree 100%
  18. Chinook

    Chinook New Member

    Aug 19, 2011
    17 pulls, into the propwash...
    Yeah. I own at couple 10/22's in dead stock form all the way up to near match grade ragged hole shooter @ 100 yds. My single Marlin model 60 is dead stock. I love all of 'em way to much to decide, but I 'spose I am already leaning on the Ruger end of the spectrum...
  19. aardvarkrh

    aardvarkrh New Member

    Sep 14, 2011
    Have continued shoot both for over 40 yrs. without a favorite! Luv em both! Both serve indentical masters..., too bad! The Ruger, is much like a Glock & the Marlin more S&W like to me (best way I can describe it). Yet both are like Timex ("keep a lickin & keep on tickin")! the Marlin to me, sems a bit more refined (more smaller parts), while the Ruger (the idiots 22lr), bumps and grinds it's continued serviceability with unlimited options!!! Both are great! you decide!
  20. ozo

    ozo Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Not this again....
    tell me it ain't so.
    Probably ANY gun forum has had THIS question....
    hashed out a million times....... and read first.....then ask.
    Sorry to be so brutal.....but so boring, again and again.
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