Ruger New Model Single-Six

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by cclyburn, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. cclyburn

    cclyburn New Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Bonney lake Wa
    Hi all me again- I found this revolver in a box in the back of a drawer, in pieces. It appears to be missing the pin that the cylinder revolves around on. Have looked at Ruger's web with no succes. Local gun shop had no suggestions. Any help would be great. Would very much like to teach my daughter to shoot with this gun, this gun is about half the size of my hand.

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  2. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida

  3. Alpo

    Alpo Well-Known Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    NW Florida
    >Local gun shop had no suggestions.<

    Iffen I was you, I'd find another local gun shop. If someone got in touch with me, about a missing part on their Ruger gun, my immediate reaction would be, "Have you called Ruger?".
  4. Claude Clay

    Claude Clay New Member

    May 26, 2009
    Central CT
    Alpo let you off way too easy with such a good answer so quickly:cool:

    ida used the missing part as a start to the holy grail--
    seek & ye shall find:
    ....the junk/parts draw in the kitchen
    ....those draws & small cartons in the garage
    ....and lastly: the basement--where you will find stuff you totally forgot you ever had, let alone lost.:eek:

    than again, you will of course find it anyways within a couple of days after the replacement part arrives from Ruger.:D

    back of a draw-----
    have you taken all the draws out and looked inside what was left?
    and a base pin is perfect size to roll into the slot of the back of the draw that the bottom 'should' be slid into.
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  5. Gun Geezer

    Gun Geezer Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Central Florida
    Look around for the other cylinder, it might have the base pin stuck in it. What other cylinder you ask? I have the same gun only in stainless and it came with a .22 mag. cyl. Oh, you didn't say what the cyl. caliber is that you have. Mine came with .22 LR and .22Mag.
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