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    Feb 15, 2012
    My 22 year old P85 Ruger, 9mm, was looking a little tired. It is a good shooter, thousands of rounds, and there are none more reliable. The only thing plastic is the handles. So, I decided I wanted to get it refinished. I checked out a lot of different finishes and finally decided on Cera Coat. It is supposed to be super rugged and comes in a number of finishes. I found a gun smith in central Iowa that does this type of work and I thought, go for it.
    The colors I selected are Graphite Black for the slide and midnight burnt bronze for the frame. He had the piece for three weeks and the total cost was $200. I think he did a good job and it will be interesting to see how it wears. I keep it stored in a nylon holster next to my bed fully loaded in decocker mode. I just flip the safety and it is ready for anything. A 9mm placed in the right spot will incapacitate anything.
    I have attached a few before and after pictures.

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  2. Looks good. I was wondering when you were going to post the update.

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