ruger single six

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  1. i have lost the little red bag with the draw string that stores the conversion cylinder anybody know where i might buy one.they are no longer stocked by ruger. thanks old semperfi
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    Jan 5, 2012

    found a link on the ruger forum. they aren't factory but someone is selling them. Can't vouch for the seller either. Also, maybe consider just having a local sewing shop/dry cleaner make one and a spare for you since as i recall they are just felt bags with gold chord.

    either way, here's the link:

    they posted as recent as june 2011 saying that they still sell the bags.



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    Or, you could do like I did. I had a big stain on a T-shirt, so before it hit the rag-bag, I cut one of the sleeves off. Turn it inside out, run a seam across the bottom (shoulder). Turn it rightside out, cut a hole in the side of the hem and run a cord through it. Walla (that's French for "lookie lookie") - instant drawstring bag.
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    Jan 5, 2012
    Alpo. Neat idea

    Btw love your sig block
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    If you want a bunch for all your stuff, try these guys, although I don't know what they charge.

    Or see if you can find an gift bottle bag from Crown Royal (my favorite way to get small felt bags) :D Is to buy one with a full bottle, then , well you know. Ebay has a bunch of them listed.

    Or take a 8 inch by 5 inch piece of felt or material, make a 3/4 inch fold on each end and run a stitch from side to side, then fold the piece with the folds on the outside and run a stitch up each side. Turn the new "bag" inside out so the edges are inside and then run a shoe lace through the end folds, then put a draw tight (little piece of plastic with a spring plunger) on the shoelace to close the bag. I make these out of all different materials, takes about 10 minutes on a sewing machine. (Just one of the wonderful things my Mom did was to teach me to sew).
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