Rush was right

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    Mar 16, 2004
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    one can easily see how close the imagery is.

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  2. glocknut

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    Yeah.... but who is going to get together and do what it takes to be able to jointly bl*w that symbol off the top of you know what building this time??


  3. glocknut

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    Rush was saying something about this today on the radio... it goes to show that these far left liberal progressives have been pushing this junk for a long, LONG time.... and i fear that they will continue to push and push some more until they get it.

    I was thinking about this today... what did the founding forefathers do with those who were loyalists to the King? They got deported to Canada! And for good reason... they would not have played a productive role in the new Republic. They would have obstructed any progress in the new governments formation every chance they got. And would also probably acted in an anarchist manor in their participation in the new government.... which is somewhat similar to what these left wing liberal environmentalists are doing to us now. They interfere with efforts to drill for oil in the US...they interfere with farmers by filing lawsuits to save some d*md minnow or smelt...whatever the h*ll that **** nickle sized fish is called. They want to stop farming in California to save that fish. And they do it by making asenine insinuations that the eco system will collapse if we loose the smelt fish....
    They push the government to teach our kids to be tolerant of perverted lifestyles.... and on and on.... we probably only know a fraction of the things that these left wing radical progressives are trying to do to us.

    IF WE HAD THE BRAINS..... we would round them up and banish them to some place. I don't know where...but somewhere! They add NOTHING to the successfull governance of our Country..... NOTHING! :mad:

    Even if we get Obozo out of office in 2012... we will still continue to have to deal with the IDIOTS who put him in office... unless we grow a spine and do what the founders did...

    I doubt that will ever happen. :rolleyes:

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  4. Trouble 45-70

    Trouble 45-70 New Member

    How about 40 degrees N., 30 degrees W.?
  5. 1 CAV

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    Jul 21, 2009
    Guys I hate to be the one to dissent here, especially because I think this health care plan is just about the worst thing we could do to this country. However, the use of the eagle as a symbol was not necessarily ripped off from the Nazis.




    In this case however, the symbol on the cover of Organizing for Health Care is simply this


    The serpent and the staff, a symbol of the medical profession
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  6. carver

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    The original seal had a three headed Eagle. One looking straight ahead, and with both eyes, one looking left, one right, and both of these only had one eye visible. Why? Look it up!
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