russian ammo

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  1. RedHawk

    RedHawk Former Guest

    Jun 26, 2011
    I guess I should include all eastern bloc nations for that matter , whats the reall skinny on it, Ive read from many forums and it usually boils down to taste (not in an odorous way lol) , but can you guys tell me the ammo to stay away from ?

    with that said any caliber will do , specifically is there certain grains to stay away from (or countries closets)?
  2. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    Pakistani ammo stay away far away

    9 grains variance in test and some cases had no powder at all some where so full i dunno what was on , i was amazed they had the round in there ..

    Paki ammo is dangerous, unreliable and very poorly made

    Bulgi Ruski Romainian Chinese all ok ( weeelllll mostly )
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  3. Popgunner

    Popgunner New Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    Indian .308 ammo has blown up rifles.

    Russian steel cased 12 guage ammo has dead primers. Bought two cases of it & now im tearing it down for the T-buck shot. Horrible stuff.

    I've had great luck with everything Wolf.
  4. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Northeast Georgia
    Wolf is OK, Tulammo is OK (basically same stuff) Brown Bear/Silver Bear OK (again basically same stuff), I think that are all made in the same plant and put in different packages. I have had ignition problems with Magtech.

    I bought a case of the Indian .308 stuff several years ago. I guess I've been lucky, no problems with it.
  5. Bigbill

    Bigbill Member

    Jun 7, 2011
    THE BAD & the UGLY ammo:

    Years ago i purchased a 50cal ammo box of the 308 indian garbage. The powder charges are all over the place i was getting a little bang then a bigger bang with every firing there all a different powder change.

    Indian bad ammo. Now i need too pull the bullets and weigh the charges to correct it.

    Bulgarian surplus ammo in 7,62x25 tokarev. This is way too hot for the tokarev pistols its really machine gun ammo. There have been cases were the tok pistols have cracked barrels and slides. Do Not Shoot this ammo in pistols.

    THE GOOD, the GREAT, the QUALITY IMPORTED AMMO:(well decent anyhoo)

    Russian wolf ammo; GREAT stuff so far and the 45acp has been with decent accuracy too. My 1911 shoots 1 clover leaf per mag with it. The wolf in 7,62x39, 9mm luger, 9mm mak, 223rem have all been great so far too.

    Russian Barnaul; This has been harder to find lately too. Most of the shooters on the net say this barnaul ammo is the most accurate out of all the russian manufactured ammo.

    Priv-Partizan ammo; This ammo manufactured in the former yugoslavia has been also great to me too. It has an affordable price tag with decent accuracy. Plus there the leader on offering the military calibers that have been extinct for many years too. I hope they continue to do so too. This yugo brass is also soft and very reloadable for many times depending on how high your powder charge is too.

    Russian Bear ammo's brown bear, silver bear and gold bear ammo, I haven't tested fired it yet but i've heard good things about it already.

    Sellier & Bellot; I used this S&B ammo in my swede 6,5mm mauser the 131gr ammo. My 1907 Carl Gustaf M96 (29'') barrel using the 131gr S&B ammo will shoot 1 1/2'' groups with no scope at 100yds. Thats really good quality for new over the counter ammo. I think this S&B ammo is one of the best quality ammo thats imported from across the pond right now. Its accurate and has plenty of power there 8mm mauser ammo isn't down loaded. The metric winchester ammo is really S&B ammo marketed by winchester.

    HotShot ammo; Again its been good for me. I rate it ok too.

    American manufactured ammo;

    My experiences with it. In my new '94 remington 700 in 338win mag using the new remington 338wm 225gr ammo my new rifle refused to shoot tight groups at 100yds. When i switched to the winchester super X 338wm 225gr ammo on my last scope adjustment i put two rounds thru the X ring at 100yds, same hole just about. My older marlin 444s shoots very accurate with the remington 444 ammo. Go figure. My point is all guns can be ammo finiky too. If we don't reload we need to try an assortment of new over the counter ammo to find the one thats most accurate. Reloading can be a guessing game till we find the correct accurate load too.

    Thats my ammo story so far; Besafe, Godbless Bigbill

    BTW; I'm starting to hear some of the russian ammo has problems and i hope it doesn't continue throughout all the calibers of ammo. I hope they didn't peak quality wise...... I'm hooked on this affordable ammo it keeps us shooting and not reloading all the time.
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  6. Regular Joe

    Regular Joe New Member

    Sep 28, 2010
    The last post was good. More ammo that I avoid is: any combloc military surplus, including the Yugo brass cased 7.62x39. All that I've heard of uses a potassium chlorate priming compound. This is not outright corrosive, but it leaves the steel surfaces with an affinity for moisture, and will cause rapid rusting in any humidity. The Russian brands come from 3 different plants. Barnaul, Ulyanovsk, and one other that I forget right now, but it blew up last month, so it won't matter for awhile. Between Wolf, Brown Bear and Silver Bear, I've had best results with Brown Bear in my AK.
  7. RedHawk

    RedHawk Former Guest

    Jun 26, 2011
    great news , thanks Joe!
  8. gun-nut

    gun-nut Member

    Jan 15, 2011
    I will not agree or disagree with popgunner or bigbill but i bought 2 of them 50 cal. cans of india 308. I myself have had no problems with it. However it is hotter then hell. I ran into one guy at the same gun show and he told me that it was for machinegun. I shoot it in my chillian 308 Mauser and it KICKS:eek: but no problems yet. However i did own a French Mass and it did have problems with the casses sticking (yes it was converted to 308) I have reloaded the brass and it take lots of work to resize, but after resizing it and with a normal charge the brass does resize easer then the first time.
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