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  1. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    I have the opportunity to buy an apparently unfired, 1950 proofed, Russian SKS. All Milled, all matching, parts. No import markings(?)
    No 'War Trophy', or other paperwork.
    Owner wants a Savage M110, or cash equivalent, so, I am somewhat interested, in his rifle, even though it is a repeater, out of condition, which would exceed 98%.
    What say you all?
  2. Terry, my experience with the SKS rifles has been universally positive. To put is simply, I like them. I know I'm preaching to the choir when I tell you that they are rifles clearly designed for military use, which means, they are ugly as a witch's wart and they are not intended as target weapons. They are highly functional though. The two I own have proven to be excellent plinkers and a whale of a lot of fun to shoot. Strangely enough, both are quite accurate out to a couple hundred yards or so, which frankly surprised me considering who built them and their intended use. I classify the SKS as a purely "fun" rifle, but not in the same category as my Rem 700 for example.

  3. I just put 500 rounds thru mine today. They are one of the most accurate guns in 7.62x39
    With that being said $200 is the most I would give for one in pristine shape. You can pick up a excelent shape handselect from J&G Sales for $149.99
  4. stash247

    stash247 New Member

    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Pistol, while I shoot little but single shot rifles, these days, in my misspent youth, I had the opportunity to travel to exotic places, meet interesting people, and kill them, on three continents; not my idea of a dream vacation, but, as a byproduct of my employment, training was excellent!
    I know the SKS, the AKM, the RPD, and countless other foreign and domestic weapons systems quite well, as I used many of them, back then.
    I feel sorta like Tom Selleck, at the end of 'Quigley, Down Under', in explaining this, I guess.
    What I need is an idea of the Monetary Worth, of an Unfired, complete and matching, 1950 production Russian SKS, in today's market.
    This is a market in which I have little interest, for shooting guns, but one in which a nearly virginal specimen might well be a good investment, to buy, and store, for a time. Thus, the original post.
    As to your comments about functionality, I totally agree: the WORST SKS I ever saw was more reliable than any of the M-16's (not A-1's) that we were issued in the late 60's, in 'real life' duties; the SKS could be lubricated with mud from the Song Mai, and still function, where the early m-16's sometimes were tied up after three mags of fresh ammo.
    Please take this as it was intended, as informational, and in clarification of my original request; I mean no slight as to your knowledge, or experience, because, obviously, we hold the arm in the same respect, but, I'm still looking for a 'market appraisal' for a gun I have yet to see, first hand, or at least, a good guess! TIA, Terry
  5. Buford Allen

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Vernon, TX
    The Russian SKS is the best of the Simonov family of military rifles. They were produced in Russia from 1945 to 1956 when the Chinese took over production. The average price on a Russian SKS where I am from is about $300. A 1950 with all matching #'s and no import stamp could well be worth more than that. The best one I have seen was a 1954 all matching. I just wish that I had bought a bunch of them about 15 years when they were selling for $100 to $150 in excellent condition.
  6. Yeah, and I knew that too. Sorry Stash, I misinterpreted your question but shouldn't have. Anyone who was in Vietnam is more than familiar with the SKS since Charlie used them so much.

    As to your actual question . . . in my humble opinion even a pristine SKS is not going to increase substantially in value anywhere soon. You note that the rifle in question is Russian made, and that is certainly going to be a plus, and its apparent unfired condition would also be a plus for any collector in the future. Does it have an arsenal mark? The problem is, thousands upon thousands of the Russian-made SKS rifles have been imported over the last 15 years or so. As I noted above, I own two of them, one Russian built that I purchased about 15 years ago, and the other a Yugo built version of the rifle. The Russian would have graded about NRA very good, perhaps even excellent, for exterior appearance at the time of purchase. The barrel, action, and other metal parts, however, were very nearly pristine. I paid $125 for the rifle at the time and I was probably overcharged for it. As I said, it is a wonderful shooter, especially after I removed the bayonet and restocked it, but that has nothing to do with collector value. The Yugo I purchased about six or eight months ago. This rifle was NIB, never fired at all, still in the comoline. I gave $169.00 for it. Again, it's a fine shooter, but I have not added it as an asset to my retirement portfolio. ;) In short, if you want a shooter (which in your case, I seriously doubt), it might be worth the trade or the cash. If you're looking at it as an investment for later resale, I suspect you would do better with a different choice, for example a close-to-new Mauser K98 with WWII Nazi markings.
  7. ken w.

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    Jun 20, 2004
    Buffalo,New York
    I sold my Russian SKS with a laminated stock for $400.00 two years ago.Every time I took it to a gun show people would rush over to look at it.There's not too many out there compared to the Yogo's and Chinese.The Russian ones are really well made.I wished I didn't sell it now.
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