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    Dec 14, 2011
    Ok, I really want a older model S&W model 10 MP with a 2" barrel. Please post any information or experance with the model 10 and picture if you have them.
    I have only been able to find a few on BrandX and one local that has a 4" barrel.
    Thanks everyone.
  2. The majority of the Model 10s produced were in 4". There were a number made in 2" and it was even a "relatively standard" sidearm of US Army CID officers in the VNera. I have always been a fan of the M&P and of the Model 10 version, and I personally prefer the "pencil" or "tapered" barrel over the "heavy barrel" models, but thats nothing more than personal preference. The only one I ever personally owned was an early 70's production 4" tapered. Good luck in your search - they are out there, but finding a 2" in particular might take a LITTLE time, if you arent willing to pay a premium for the first one you find.

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    I take it you're also known as WheelHead on MDS. Like we told you there this is going to be difficult to find, and in my opinion you're probably going to be better off going with a Colt. Both S&W and Colt make a great product, but from the guns I own and have shot Colt will have the better trigger (at least in the era you're talking about) if you can adapt to pulling the lever back to release the cylinder. You'll also have much better luck finding a 6-shot Colt D-frame with a snub barrel than you would trying to find one of the rare (read: collectors' items) snub barrel Model 10s. Colt made the Detective Special and Banker Special as well snub versions of both the Police Positive and Police Positive Special, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. During that timeframe Colt was making far more 6-shot snubs than S&W. Be ready to pay the price for a Colt but you also won't be disappointed, they don't command that much cash for no reason.

    I'm waiting for another Colt to pop up at my local shop, I'm on their call list every time they get a used Colt revolver.
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  4. There were also the Cobra and Agent models, which were alloy frame light weights - the Cobra being the light weight exact duplicate of the Dick Special, and the Agent being otherwise identical, too, but with a slightly shorter grip frame.
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    My two cents is that if I wanted a short-barreled Model 10, I would get a 3-inch. The extra inch adds very little bulk and weight to a gun that size, but improves muzzle velocity, practical accuracy, and controllabilty, while reducing muzzle flash to boot. I agree with Enzo_Guy that if you want a six shot 38 Special with a 2-inch barrel, a Colt Detective Special is a better way to go, but people have been asking a lot of money for them lately. (Admission: I have a 3-inch K-frame in 9mm, but I have never fired a 2-inch K-frame.)
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    Well, I disagree. I think the Smith beats a Colt in all things - handling, carrying and accuracy.

    And I do have a 2" M&P (mine was made in the 30s. There don't seem to be a whole lot of them made after WW2). I think that if you really want one, and don't want to wait around, the easiest and cheapest way would be to find a 4 inch and have it cut.
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    Owned a 2" Mod. 10 made in the '60s for almost thirty years. Managed to put a few thousand rounds through it without any problems, and sold it around 4 years ago. Liked it and didn't really have to let it go but I'd run my course with it. I replaced it with a 10-5 4" version for my significant other's shooting pleasure. We like it too.
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    Bud's guns had some Model 10 snubs for $269, heck of a deal