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    Apr 14, 2004
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    I just picked up a S&W Hand Eject in .32 S&W Long. It is nickel plated, with walnut grips and a 3 1/4" bbl. The markings on top of the bbl are:
    Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass
    Patd March 27 1894 august 4 1898
    December 22 1898 October 2 1901
    December 17 1901 February 6 1903(8?)
    (some of these dates may be a bit mis-read, as the eyes aren't what they used to be)

    On the left side of the bbl-32 long ctg

    serial #996**

    According to Flayderman, this makes it a model of 1903, 4th change. Mfg in 1910

    Flayderman also states that this model is without patent date markings on the bbl., which clearly are present

    What do I have? You guess as to value? Flayderman, again, shows $125 on very good. It is in as good a shape as a 100 year old gun can be, no flaking of the finish at all, some clouding to the finish with a few dings, probably from laying about in a drawer. I would sincerely appreciate any information that you would care to share with me. Thanks, Dan.
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    In the April 1 issue of Shotgun News, Ask the Gun Guy by Jim Supica is about the .32 S&W revolvers. It is a very good article and sheds much light on the little I-frame .32 revolver. He says that more than 750,000 were built before they were discontinued in 1991. The price Flayderman's quotes is probably typical for the type as Supica says they are usually a very affordable handgun to collect. :)

    If your revolver had a "k" in front of the serial number it would have been the much rarer, and larger, k-frame .32 Hand Ejector model that would bring from $650 to $1000. :(
  3. Xracer

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    The Blue Book also lists serial #99,6XX as being a Model 1903 - 4th change. Says that 6,374 were made in 1910.

    The Standard Catalog of Firearms says the same thing. Neither one mentions patent dates not being present.

    Hard rubber grips were standard, so your walnut grips are aftermarket.

    Blue Book Value:

    98% - $340
    95% - $300
    90% - $275
    80% - $250
    70% - $225
    60% - $200
    50% - $175
    40% - $150
    30% - $130

    Standard Catalog of Firearms:

    Exc. - $300
    V.G. - $200
    Good - $150
    Fair - $125
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