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  1. Telcotech

    Telcotech Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    North Central Iowa
    Maybe I was mistaken by the comments I've heard at gun shows and also from the gun shop in Iowa Falls, Ia that sold me the 22A-1. That comment being that no current mfg of firearms can touch S&W's cust. service.(That was a selling point) I must have rcv'd a good one (22A-1) and hopefully will not have much trbl. w/ it. But, I've heard good things about Ruger, Colt, also....I own several Ruger's....rifles/pistols but never have any issues w/ them. I've also owned several S&W revolvers over the yrs w/ never an issue. Hoping my luck continues w/ this purchase.....also realizing that in this market you won't get the best quality at a $250 price point.....and I surely don't expect it to have the fit and finish of a mod.41, or Diamondback, or the Hamden H.S.'s...this was bought basically to set alongside my Ruger 10/22 behind the back seat of my p-up.

  2. like it all

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Los Molinos, CA
    My 22a saw decades of use in a few months, it did fail ,but S&W stood behind it and made good. You should get years of use out of it, with reasonable care. Don't forget that this model takes interchangable barrels, which can be ordered from Smith directly. Take down is a breeze with this model, making thorough cleaning a snap.

    Have fun

  3. Joe M

    Joe M Member

    Jan 27, 2009
    We have two S&W Mod 22A-1's and have had no problems (as yet) with about 500 rounds through each one. Our serial number's do fall within the recall range, so to be on the safe side I believe I'll send them in.

    We do like our pistols. We've not had any issues with them and have found the sights to work well for our plinking needs.

    If there is a head space problem with these pistols I'd kind of like to get that taken care of to be on the safe side.
  4. Waldo Pepper

    Waldo Pepper New Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    Well any time one can buy a 22 pistol for $200 range and shoot 5000 rounds through it, you have got your money's worth for sure. One MkIII Ruger I had was so problematic that I got rid of the gun, worst $250 I ever spent for a gun. That said they build a good gun, but at 10,000 they are about junk if thay last that long. Sure some will last longer depending on how you maintain them, but average is 8 to 10 thousand rounds I would guess. Here again that is a lot of gun for the money. People who think these guns last forever and can shoot 10's of thousands are just wrong, and Ruger & S&W knows that for sure. But in all honesty how many people here buy a cheap 22 pistol and expect to shout 500 to 1000 rounds a week through the gun?

    Most people will only shoot their 22 auto pistol 500 to 1,000 rounds a year maybe, then as they either loose intrest in the gun or hobby they put the gun away, trade it off or sell it. I have a 50n year old Ruger that has maybe 1000 to 3000 rounds fired at most, and it hasn't been shot in over 10 years. It is so loose and worn as to be funny, but it shoots.
  5. My ol' 53 was getting pretty loose, so I sent it to Ruger. They put in a new bolt and refurbished all the innards safety, sear, disconnect, springs, etc. Cost me a little over $100, but it's like a brand new (I didn't have them re-blue) 1953 Standard. No complaints. Looked at the S&W and said "pass." TJ
  6. Waldo Pepper

    Waldo Pepper New Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    I called and checked with Ruger about my 59 model and decided to pass, it needed bluing also. Main reason I passed is I actually wanted something else to shoot and thought the grandson would rather have it as is with all the wear and tear from a teenager on the gun. ;)

    Since I have a 22/45 with a small fortune invested in the gun that my old Dan Wesson 722 (SS 22LR/WMR) revolver still out shoots I decided on something different. I guess I could also replace the barrel/receiver on the 22/45 but then I would no longer have a Ruger except for the frame. I just bought the S&W because I liked it and wanted a cheap 22 plinker that was reliable and fair on accuracy. I would have rather had a Browning, but the Browning with top rail was $150 more so I passed.
  7. I quite understand, Waldo. I just love the look and feel of the original Ruger Standard Auto. It's kind of like an old war bring back. TJ
  8. Waldo Pepper

    Waldo Pepper New Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    Ain't that the truth. I bought a 4.5" MkII and I love the way it is like the old Standard was before a 14 year old kid started carrying it in the woods in '59, it just feels like the same gun and I shoot it the same way as I did the old one. Never used the sights but a couple of times, almost always was point and shoot. Lot of water moccasin had there heads shot of like that with the old Standard, and the Mk II is the same way. I had a 6" Standard that I just traded off that I could not hit a barn door with from 10 feet, also it was so hard to get apart and back together you had to have a hammer and punch, plus a rubber mallet. But most of all it just didn't feel right to me, after 50 years of the 4.5" Standard the 6" just felt strange and was probably why I could not hit anything with the gun.
  9. I love the feel of that 4 3/4. So well balanced. I bought a 6" in the '80s, but didn't like it as much. Went back and got a Standard MKII 4 3/4. I DO like the feel of my MIII Bull barreled Target, though. TJ
  10. Waldo Pepper

    Waldo Pepper New Member

    Sep 16, 2008
    Ain't we a pair, have two alike.

    I also have a 22/45 5.5" Davidsons Limited Edition with Fluted Bull Barrel that I also like to shoot and have spent some bucks on with a replacing all springs with Wolff Springs, Volquartsen Extractor and complete Volquartsen trigger job (1.5lb & no creep) plus I had the bolt jeweled. It has the Hi Viz front and adjustable white V rear sight, but I have a Millet SP1 mounted.
  11. OneXBigTomn

    OneXBigTomn New Member

    Jan 20, 2012
    New Paltz, New York
    An old post but felt the need to reply and bump it up.
    I have an S&W 22A-1 and have only had one misfire out of it. (CCI minimag) I use it as my main pistol in my pistol league. Shoot 260s with it with a cheap $69 Sight Mark red dot. Not great but not too bad. I find it to be one of the best .22s I own. As for needing to keep it squeaky clean... I have to say I do forget to clean it from time to time and still shoots just fine. The buffers last awhile and only had to replace it a few times. Cheap plastic tabs and no big expense.

    I give the pistol an A+

    Any ways here is a site for nice grips. http://altamontco.com/products/pistol/smith_and_wesson/22A/index.php
    I like the Quantum Target Tan Laser Pattern 2 in super walnut
    super walnut
  12. Telcotech

    Telcotech Member

    Aug 6, 2008
    North Central Iowa

    Thanks for the link for the after market grips... BigTomn. My S&W 22A-1 , purchased back in October of '09 has at last count, sent approx. 2500 rnds down range with not a single problem. Most of these have been CCI Standard Velocity and the pistol has really come into its own, and is as accurite as my Ruger MKII Target, and am ready to purchase some different grips. I've really come to like the gun, and just 2wks ago purchased a S&W 22S from Cabelas in Owatona, MN. It came with a 1.5 to 7 Swift scope and the S&W laminate grips. These fit my hand much better, so I'm going to order something larger for the 22A-1. The 22S is a bit heavier.....and accuracy is a notch below my H.S. 103, at least so far, I have about 100 rnds down the tube at this point, and the gun does not have a scratch on it. IMO....these are great .22 pistols for the price, and very easy to strip down for cleaning. I'm hoping the gun last a while...it should get used less now that it has an older brother to share duty with.
  13. ksblazer

    ksblazer New Member

    Feb 4, 2012
    Just purchased a 22A last month with the intent of adding a scope to it.

    Didn't realize that you guys were having so many issues with them. Hopefully I got a good one. Will give you a report back when I get a chance to shoot it.
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