S&W Mod 53

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  1. OHshooter

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    Aug 14, 2003
    The good news is that I have a line on a S&W Model 53 revolver that is supposedly NIB.

    The bad news is it is going to be in a public auction so who knows what is will actually go for.

    What would be a real world value for it, assuming it is really NIB?

    They also list a S&W Mod 22-2 357 Mag. Is there such a model Smith? I suspect that it is a Model 27 or 28. This auctioneer is not known for accurately listing firearms in their sales flyers.

  2. Around $900 retail, assuming it has the chamber inserts. Add a couple hundred if it has the convertible LR cylinder. HAS TO BE in the presentation box to bring that.

  3. OHshooter

    OHshooter New Member

    Aug 14, 2003
    This pistol was NIB. Did not have the presentation box but the cardboard box looked complete and was in good shape. It had the inserts and a 8 3/8" barrel plus there was 4" barrel in the box.

    The barrels were mark "22 Magnum" was this normal?

    It sold for $850.

    All of the other guns sold seemed a little on the high side although they were all in nice condition, many NIB.

    As I suspected the pistol listed as a Mod 22-2 was actually a Model 27. It sold for $375
  4. Yes, that is the correct barrel marking.