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  1. skiescall

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    Nov 13, 2008
    Many years ago, my grandmother gave me an S&W Model 51 revolver. Although I don't intend to sell it, I am very curious as to it's possible value in today's market and also would like to know a rough idea of when it was made.

    I've shot no more than 6 rounds with it, and Gramma said that she hadn't fired more than one box of ammo with it. It has been dryfired a handful of times.

    I'd estimate 95%+ of the original blue finish (to my untrained eye it looks like a new gun). There are very light marks on the cylinder (I assume from it turning). Very little wear on the grips. Serial number 821xx stamped on the butt. "Smith & Wesson" on one side of barrel; S&W logo/trademark behind cylinder/trigger on frame on the same side. "22 M.R.F. CTG" on other side of barrel, "Made in U.S.A. Marcas Registradas Smith & Wesson Springfield, MASS" below cylinder on frame on the same side.

    It is in the original blue/silver box, which says the following on one end - "22/32 Kit Gun M.R.F., blue finish, model 51, 3 1/2 inch barrel, square butt" Other end of box has handwritten model number, finish, barrel length, stock and s/n. The inside of the box has a date of April 15, 1955 printed beneath the statement of liability and warranty info.

    I'd really appreciate any help at all with dating and/or valuation on this gun. Thanks much! :)
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    Feb 3, 2007
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    I don't know why the box should be dated 1955. The guns weren't produced until 1960. 1960 - 1974. SN range 52637 - 135465. Basically 80,000 guns over a 14 year period. Your SN of ~82000 puts it 30,000 into the run, so I'd guess about 1964. Possibly that paper says 1965? That would make more sense.

    Square butt was normal, blue finish was normal. Excellent condition - 400 dollars. As New In Box - 500. So says the Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson.
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