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    I just picked up a Cimarron "P" in .45 Long Colt and it's pretty accurate and smooth. I also picked up a used 5inch schoefield in .45 long colt and they both are pretty accurate and their actions are breaking in just fine. (I really like both of them) I also picked up a uberti "open top" in .44 special and it a very nice revolver, I"m now working up loads for it also.
    I wound up with two 1890's(outlaws) with 6 inch barrels and while the jury is still out on them for accuratcy I like them both. (they are in .44-40) one's a EMF and the other is a uberti(actrually I think the EMF was made my uberti.) the 1858 Remington conversion is another .44-40 and it's pretty accurate also,. but it's a real pain to unload. go to cimarron arms site and look at what was done to convert it to center fire. but, it's a shooter. we have a range, that I go to, that has a plate rack to shoot. it's 6 steel plates that you shoot and they fall down when hit. we have a strap to pull from the 10 yard line to pick them back up.(they are on a pivit) the plates are 8 inches in dia. (yes, they are round) I ran 6 out of six today with the schoefield and the 5.5 in Colt rep.(the .45's) and the best I could do with the open top was 5 out of 6 off hand(that's with one hand) that .44 open top is breaking in very nicely. I was too tired to shoot the rest of the guns. I shot 8 revolvers on a chrony to check for the vel. of the bullets, with each gun. and yes, I shot the chrony by misstake(I just took one of the sun screens off). good day at the range
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