'Safety' discussion of the .17 HMR round...

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    I have heard different takes on the .17 HMR round. I have heard that if it hits dirt it disintegrates, so it's not a huge ricochet hazard. I assume this is because of the 17-20 Gr. nature and 2375-2550 FPS rating. I have guessed that it's at a very slow, tumbling velocity on its descent if it's fired at a higher angle, and therefore not a reasonable threat to people at very long distances. This is just a wild guess....

    What's your take on the safety of this round?

    I tend to believe that at VERY long ranges, the round has already lost its spin and is returning to earth at a lower velocity and erratic trajectory. I personally have felt that it's not a threat to people if shot up into a tree at squirrels. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm totally wrong. Does anyone have any data to show whether a .17 HMR is safe or dangerous to people at far distances?

    This is a discussion only... I'm not attempting to declare the long-range safety of this or any other rimfire round.

    Thanks in advance for the responses. :D
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