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  1. I was checking the local gun stores today with a friend of mine who is interested in a Saiga .223 in original hunting configuration. We looked at one (for a really good price, too), but it was stamped ".223" and not "5.56". I know the differences between the .223 and 5.56 and explained it to him. But everything he's been able to find out, and everything I've been able to find out, points to the Saigas actually being chambered for 5.56. Does anyone know if this is the case? Are they actually .223 as stamped, or are they really 5.56 but stamped .223 for some reason?
  2. My Saiga(uk spec) was stamped .223, I also used 5.56 Nato surplus ammo in the rifle. I once had a problem with one batch of British surplus ammo not spinning fast enough, but only once in many thousands of rounds. Could it be, that .223 looks more "P.C" than 5.56 ????

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    May 29, 2010
    what you are doing is a very, very, BAD IDEA. if the rifle is stamped .223 it is NOT made for 5.56 rounds. 5.56 pack a much hotter load and could endanger you.
  4. I know what you are saying, but hey it's made in Russia,:D

    To be honest, the UK spec model is listed 5.56x45 /.223 :confused:
    I guess it's also marked .223 for the UK straight pull spec gun. Over here, we have to apply for each calibre/caliber and give a good reason for wanting that cal/rifle. Most police forces look on .223 in a better way, 5.56 is seen to be military, so not looked on in such a good way. More shooters will have .223 listed on their F.A.C (license), so there is a bigger market for .223 cal. Could this be a good marketing ploy, used by the importers here in the UK? by down grading the calibre/caliber??? :rolleyes:
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