Sauer and Son Drilling 16x16x7.65 information and value

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    I have a family gun that is a Sauer and Son AG special lufstahl Rochume Vehrein16x16x7.65 that is in very good shape. The barrel says Nitro Proven, it has some wear on the blueing but the wood and scope are in excellent shape. I have zero knowledge of these older guns, and would like any information that I can get. Family members would really like to know the value before deciding what to do with the gun. The scope is a B. Nickle Marburg L 6x9 E/D/S Supra Favorit with 40mm objective, and is a drop in.

    I attempted to take pictures of what I believe is important areas of the gun, but had difficulty attaching a file, so I had to attach jpeg. Any help would be greatly appreciated...



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  2. The market for drilling's is in the dumper right now and some real deals can be had. I would suggest the value of the gun shown to be under 3 grand, perhaps as low as $2500. The photos seem to indicate an issue with the blueing at the breech end of the left barrel; it that is the case, it may go for even less. The scope adds little if any value.

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    How old do you think that scope is? The Nickel Supra scopes that I have read about from more than 10 years ago were not very good. However anything they make these days is similar to Schmidt and Bender in quality and optics.
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