Savage 1906 .22 pump HELP!

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by ShawnDow, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. ShawnDow

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    Jun 17, 2012
    Tawas City, Michigan
    the stock is also checkered. Its not mine, Im just the want to be fixer of old stuff... Ill talk to the owner tomorrow, and let him know some one is interested. whats it worth to you in its present condition? want more pics ? I can P.M. you.
  2. steve99f

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Eastern PA
    The checkering looks correct for the grade. Let's go PM.

  3. Sav22

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    Shawn, The gun appears to be a 1903/1914 style. (There is no Model 1906 - that is just the year the patent was granted). I am quite sure any 1903 bolt would fit but the correct bolt for this vintage would probably have been the version with the improved & stronger extractor that was mounted on the outside of the bolt. Bolts will be found with either an open or closed loop that goes on the action arm, either will work.

    It is interesting that your gun still has the early type action lock rod, it changted slightly in later guns and if you put an early type arm in a late gun you will never get the receiver halves back together,

    The gun looks great, worn but clean - hopefully they just want it put back inworking order and not 'restored', that would be a shame on this rare of gun. I have two Gold Medal grades earlier than that one and when compared you can see some real differences in the engraving on mine. I can get you some more details if you need them.
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  4. ShawnDow

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    Jun 17, 2012
    Tawas City, Michigan
    Sav22.. Im relaying what Im learning to the owner.. the Firearm has been in his family for a while.. But, Im sure if you share your information with steve99f.. he would have a heart attack! Has already given me so much information its a little embarrassing... I THOUGHT i had decent info by researching on-line... But the more Im learning the funner this gets.. So If you feel there are some cool tid bits that I should know (or any one reading this post) please feel free to enlighten us.
    OH... NO I'm not restoring it... just want to make it functional and safe!
  5. Sav22

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    Shawn, actually Steve & I know each other quite well from another forum, I don;t frequent this one and would not have found this thread if not for an email from him!

    Here is some info from our correspondence that might be of interest -

    "The Gold Medal (& other grades) were still all listed for the 1903 & 1914 as late as catalog No 60. It seems to be well accepted that there were only 1000 1903's made after WWI and that was in 1922, I would put this gun before WWI (1914 to ~ 1916). The highest pre-1914 style I have is 138912 and the lowest 1903/1914 style is 142256. I lettered my no. 146955 and it is one of the 1000 from 1922 - I doubt it was the last of those 1000 but if it were then the lowest post-WWI number possible at would be 145955 and going the other way the highest pre-war possible at 146954."

    From the numbers, even thought there are some big gaps, I come up with an estimate for the most of this style of 1903 that could have been made by taking one of the last 1000 made and assuming it to be the 'first of the last' I added 1000, then taking the highest I know of the previous style and adding 1 I get (146955 + 1000) - (138912 + 1) = 9042 which is not a lot ... and to have one of those few that's engraved is really got to be rare. Going the other way lowest production estimate for this style would be higest I know minus the lowest I know or 146955 - 142256 = 4699, which is really low.

    Here are a couple to compare with to see how the engraving varied - one from 1908 and one from 1910

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  6. aa1911

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    thanks for sharing the info and good pics!

    love these little guns.
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