Savage Arms 220A .410

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    I, recently received said shotgun from my father. He had apparently been storing it in an old golf bag in his garage for the last 30 years. That being said, it is not in the best condition. His father took him rabbit hunting with it when he was a child and I would like to do the same with my son. I'm sure that it isn't worth much as far as money goes, but that's not the point. After getting the dirt clod out of the barrel and giving it a good cleaning it seems to be in working order. I will reblue it (my first time), and replace the plastic buttpad as it is broken. My only concern is there is a tiny bit of give in the breach. Once it is closed and placed across my leg I can press on the barrel and stock and feel a little play. It doesn't move even 1/32" and when closed there is no rattle. I know of no gunsmiths in the area so what do you all think? Will she hold? Any advice is appreciated.
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