Savage Model-29B Pump Action/Pawn Shop Find

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by flyingtiger85, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. flyingtiger85

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    Aug 24, 2010
    I took a chance on a pump action 22 rifle that seemed to be in great shape.I got lucky on this one,it still has many years of use left in it.It disassembles in half like a Marlin39A with a screw that runs through the action.When I took it apart it looks to be made very well out of solid steel parts.
    I didn't want to wait to shoot it so I ran it out to the smoken hot desert today.The pump action is really fun to shoot and I ran through 4 fifty round boxes of ammo fast.I'm not sure of the age of this model but it seems pretty old school,just by the quality of it's manufacturing and no plastic on it.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
    The Winchester WildCat 40 grain 1255 ft per second in the white box really worked great.They hit these sand hills hard and really made a nice white dust cloud when they impacted the desert during my test firing the gun out.
  2. steve99f

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Looks like you have a nice 29 B. Made post WW II. If the receiver is grooved for a scope mount, that puts it mid 50's or newer.

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