(SC) Club owner kills intruder who was on parole 08-08-03

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    (SC) Club owner kills intruder who was on parole 08-08-03

    Another one where the perp was "on Parole" from previous crimes.... :mad3:


    The Beaufort Gazette: Intruder killed by Columbia club owner
    Published Fri, Aug 8, 2003

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - A club owner shot and killed an intruder who broke
    into his business, authorities say.

    Harold Thomas Weed, 21, was shot in the face early Thursday morning
    inside The Foxhole club, authorities said.

    Club owner Leslie G. Snider, 58, told Richland County deputies he was
    getting ready to close the club when he heard someone kick in a side
    door, sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Chris Cowan said.

    Snider told deputies he never spoke to Weed before firing one shot,
    Cowan said.

    Weed was on parole for two aggravated assault convictions in September
    2002, prosecutor John Meadors said.

    Deputies don't plan to charge Snider. Meadors said prosecutors will
    review the case to determine whether Snider acted reasonably.

    The club previously had been burglarized three times in the last year,
    including separate incidents last month and in June, Cowan said.
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