Scalia: Guns Not Just for Crime

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    Oct 6, 2004
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    Justice Scalia: Guns Not Just for Crime

    U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia fondly remembers carrying a rifle around New York City as a boy and says outdoorsmen should attack the idea that guns are only used for crimes.

    An avid outdoorsmen who's hunted with Vice President Dick Cheney, Scalia spoke Saturday at the National Wild Turkey Federation's annual convention.

    "The attitude of people associating guns with nothing but crime, that is what has to be changed," Scalia told the audience of about 2,000.

    "I grew up at a time when people were not afraid of people with firearms," said Scalia, noting that as a youth in New York City he was part of a rifle team at the military school he attended.

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    "I used to travel on the subway from Queens to Manhattan with a rifle," he said. "Could you imagine doing that today in New York City?"

    Scalia was criticized in 2004 for hunting ducks with Cheney while the Supreme Court was considering a case involving Cheney's energy task force. This month, a lawyer hunting with Cheney in Texas was wounded when he stepped in the way as Cheney fired at a bird.

    The nonprofit turkey federation is dedicated to conserving wild turkeys and preserving hunting traditions.

  2. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    Excellant satellite66 excellant.

    I remember having a 30.06 or at least a .22 in my Jeep when I went to high school. It just wasn't a big deal.

    Heck, I even remember getting into a fight right next to the Jeep in the parking lot. I just didn't even think about pulling out my knife let alone any of the firearms that were just right there!

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    I've carried my rifles and shotguns with me laying right in the open on the seat of my truck and carried knives in my pocket at school. Several teachers and coaches knew I had them and even told me to use my knife for various things around the school. Southern Arkansas is a far cry from NY though. I dont think I'd try that up there.
  4. satellite66

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    Oct 6, 2004
    Central NJ
    I think this article just shows how much we have lost thanks to liberal antigun antics and activist judges.
  5. Deputy Dawg

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    It was not too many years ago that here in Texas you would see Shotguns or Rifles in the back windows of most trucks in small to medium size towns, not any more :( . When i was in HighSchool allmost every pickup in the parking lot had a Shotgun or Rifle in the back window and you didn't even have to lock the doors. Boy have things sure have gone down hill. : :(
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  6. pickenup

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    There may be hope for gun rights.
    Time will tell.
  7. Carl S

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    Feb 3, 2004
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    Same here in Florida. I used to keep a .22 and a 12 guage in my truck all of the time.
  8. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
    New Mexico
    Well pickenup, I'm not to sure about that. It all starts with education, more specifically history. With the dumbing down of our schools and the teaching for the tests, the more our rights are almost guaranteed to diminish.

    Do a little history test on some of the people that you know. Ask them this " What is the purpose of the second amendment?" Simple question? No not really. I bet everyone would be amazed at how many people don't have clue.
  9. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    When I was in college, in the late 70s, (Graduated '80) we were CONSTANTLY reminded about the ramifications of "having a firearm on campus" which after the 1960s was now considered a 'Federal Crime" with GUARANTEED jail time.

    EVERY one of us "Country boys" had at LEAST a shotgun in the closet, or buried in our cars or trucks!! And it was probably pretty amazing to anybody watching that we all had to "do Laundry" at the SAME time on nice fall days. Everybody on the floor KNEW we were hunters, when we came back even the city kids would come in to "see how we did," and we didn't even LOCK OUR DOORS back then!

    (Although one time after we had the guns put away, broke out the beers, and I was sharpening my hunting knife, with of course a room full of guys wanting to hear the hunting stories, one of the "City Guys" bet me $5 I couldn't stick my knife in the door, and I flung it, and it STUCK! Butt first through the thin veneer of the cheap door but it STUCK. Actually cost me $5 in damages when I finally checked out of that room after 4 years! He didn't pay me but leaving it in the door a few weeks sure did a lot for MANNERS. Guys KNOCKED first after that before they entered THAT room! :) "OHMIGOD, didja hear the Polak throws KNIVES at his door?!?!?!" :D )

    At the time I even had an (older) Professor of History that used to brag about HIS glory days in college where he and some buddies would sit in the belfrey of his dorm and take pot shots at the wild ducks in the lake behind the dorm with his roomate's Luger, which was even MORE amazing since this professor had been BLIND since birth!

    My gosh I must be getting old...

    What's even MORE amazing is this was at a small private college in NEW YORK. You know, the SAME state that welcomes you with the signs that tell you about the MANDATORY year in jail if you have an illegal (i.e. just about ANY) handgun?
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