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Scope Mount for Springfield 84C?

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Curley Wolf, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. Curley Wolf

    Curley Wolf New Member

    Oct 13, 2008
    Am wanting to mount Bushnell 3-9X on my 84C and need mount. Can someone help me as to what mount or where to go? TIA!
  2. Enfield

    Enfield New Member

    Oct 13, 2007
    Hi CW
    I don't know if you can buy a scope mount off the shelf but I have fully suppressed a few 84C'S, which obviously includes removing the original sights.

    I have made many scope mounts from a pice of Aluminuim Alloy, you would have to get it made by a local machine shop if you can't buy one but here are a few photos of one I did recently that may be of use. As the gun has no original scope mounting the underside of the scope mount has to match the curve of the action and needs to be secured thorough the top with two small screws. The top edge of the mount needs to have a dovetail cut into it for the scope to mount on.

    I hope this helps, if I can be of any futhre help just ask


    Enfield in NZ

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  3. Curley Wolf

    Curley Wolf New Member

    Oct 13, 2008
    Thanks, Enfield, and man that looks great in your pictures. I sure was hoping I'd be able to find something that would simply mount on the rifle. Guess I should have suspected better!

    Curley Wolf
  4. K31

    K31 New Member

    Mar 6, 2011
    I had been wondering about a mount for my Springfield 84C rifle as well. I had seen some older ones that were made for the smaller diameter scopes (7/8") and didn't want to resort to an odd sized scope. I also thought about fabricating a mount too but I don't have a milling machine at my disposal. Must be nice:rolleyes:.

    Well, I had purchased a Weaver 10 side mount for another gun and ended up not using the mount for that gun. I happened to put it on my 84C and it matched up to the receiver perfectly. The thread size on the screws that came with the mount were too small. I tried a couple screws that I had lying around and found out that the 10-32 IIRC fit it perfectly. I went out and purchased some socket head cap screws, the ones that accept a smaller 3/32 socket. I purchased these specifically because I had to trim the screw down so they would fit in the hole. Maybe you have access to the right screws but I did not and neither did the hardware store:eek:. No problem, I chucked the screws in my drill and reduced the head size with a file. I filed them down to fit perfectly in the recessed holes of the mount. I did have to ream out the screw holes on the mount a tad to compensate for the larger diameter screws.

    The mount fit great and was real secure. The Weaver side mount is used in conjunction with removable weaver side mount rings. I happened to have a weaver 1" high side mount rings in my parts bin so I used it to attach the scope.

    The scope mounted centered over the receiver and the bolt operated normally and didn't hit the scope. The only problem was when I tried to take out the bolt from the receiver. It would hit on the scope. I suppose I could have just removed the scope rings when cleaning the gun since the rings are made to be removed but I didn't want to hassle with it. I took a dremel to the bolt handle where it hit the bolt. It took a little time to take off the needed amount but now it operates like it should and looks like it came from the factory that way.

    Now some may scoff at altering the bolt handle of a gun that was made in the 40's but mine was purchased for $30 and has issues with chrome flaking, some rust and the stock has seen its better days.

    I am impressed with the fit and finish. I often sit it in the corner of my room just to take a gander at it. I plan on taking it squirrel hunting later this year. Not bad for a $30 beat up gun. So if your receiver is tapped and your model number matches the following you may be able to use the same setup: Savage 4C, 4CD, 4D, 4E, Stevens and Springfield 84C, 84CD, 84D, 84,E, 56C.
  5. adamcsincs

    adamcsincs New Member

    Sep 7, 2012
    Here's a +1 for what K31 did.

    I'll add a couple more details.
    The side mount base is actually a weaver size 10M.
    The scope rings I used were the Weaver #: 49350 detachable side mount high rings. I tried the long-style first (Weaver #: 49340 ), based on some reviews that they allowed more mounting options.. but this was completely wrong. I think it's designed more for a pistol scope. Anyhow..
    Like K31 said, you do have to make the holes in the 10M base larger to fit 10-32 screws. Drill once for the screw to go through all the way, then I drilled halfway through with a larger bit to allow a slightly larger screwhead. I went to ace hardware and got some black 10-32s with an allen head and used the grinder to make the heads smaller.
    I had two 3-9 scopes available, and ended up having to use the one that was overall narrower. Once everything is mounted it's a tight fit, centered over the barrel.
    The bolt operates fully without hitting anything. I do have to unscrew the eyerelief on the scope a few turns in order to remove the bolt though. I may end up grinding the handle down a little like K31 did to make it more convienent.

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