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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bruce FLinch, May 12, 2007.

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    Polish, let me sum up my views this way...

    I never shy away from a spirited debate with a liberal, even to this very day. But I will no longer be rude, ill-mannered, and mean in order to win a debate. I've simply replaced my over-the-top verbal barbs for stronger, more persuasive, more polite arguements for my viewpoint.

    Think about it... how many people did Morton Downy bring to our side? Now, how many has Rush Limbaugh brought? VASTLY diiferent approaches, and vastly different results. The Limbaugh approach works. Downy's approach just brought on fist fights, melees, and howls of laughter.

    My way of debating the issues and confronting liberals these days isn't the "kinder, gentler" method of debate, it is simply the aggressive discussion of issues sans all of the insults, rudeness, and crude language. I'm not weaker because of it, I think I'm stronger and more pleasing to the ear.

    Can you stand one more story? I may have told this one before, but it dovetails well with what we're discussing.

    In the Presidential campaign of 1996, I was asked to be one of three questioners for a nationally televised debate on CSPAN between the Florida Republican Party and Democrat Party. It was held at Nova Southeastern University and there had to be 750 people in attendance.

    Here was the question I asked the Democrats:

    "Homosexual groups have maintained for years that there is a gay gene that make gay people gay. Medical science has not yet proved this, but for the purpose of this debate let's pretend that it has been proven true. If at some point in the future medical science can determine the sexual orientation of an unbron child, and the mother of that unborn child doesn't want to have a gay child, should she be allowed to abort that baby for this reason?"

    The guy who answered on behalf of the Democrats was/is a labor lawyer (Surprise!) from Fort Lauderdale, whose name I will withold. He stammered for a about ten seconds, and then began to repeat (about eight times, as I recall) that "I can't believe you asked that question!" On the eighth time, I told him that "I can't believe you haven't attempted to answer the question yet." Well, this guy was a huge hot head who then began to turn shades of red and went on a wild, emotional, angry tirade. It was stunning to watch someone come unglued on national television.

    He then turned his incoherant shout fest into an attack on then Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Before I knew it, the guy said that he wanted to shoot Newt Gingrich in the face with his pistol! ON NATIONAL TELEVISION! So, I jumped up and demanded that the moderator put an immediate cessation to these proceedings as the Speaker of the House had just been threatened. It was a circus scene from there. People in the audience began to threaten me because I had asked such a provocative question it caused their Democrat debater to publicly melted down and it made fools of all of them. I had to get a police escort out of the place.

    Lesson: Angry, vitriolic, nasty, rude, debate will make you lose every time. They lost the debate AND whatever dignity they came in with. They were rude, and VERY ill-mannered. The Democrats were bitter and they wanted blood. They were just being liberals and got clobbered in the arena of ideas!

    Post script to this story: The Capital Police were watching the debate live. They immeidately called CSPAN and compelled them not to re-run it. They then took possession of the recordings. Additionally, the Capital Police called the FBI, and Secret Service. I can't remember which service came, but a group of Feds came to town the next day and literally put this guy in a dark room, shined a bright light in his face, and generally sweated him for about 24 hours straight with shouted questions. His political aspirations - and he had big ones - lay in shambles.

    I maintain that, no matter the event or the setting, you do yourself and your cause a grave disservice when you think that being rude or impolite will forward your agenda or win you friends and influence people. If the soldier in the picture was forced to shake hand and take a picture, then he could have simply refrained from smiling and perhaps had a pensive look on his face. The hand gesture (rudeness) detracted from his cause.
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    ahhh..... okay, i didnt read all that pat.:eek: (sorry!:eek: )

    let me just say that 1 reason i love conservatism is for it's political UNcorrectness! i'm NOT pc, never have been, never will be... sure, i know how to be polite & act like i should in public... ;) :p :D i know how to show respect & all that stuff bc i was raised by conservatives, God fearing 1s! ;) but, i dont believe in sitting back & taking the cr*p flung by the left. i'm not going to sit back & cower & cry like a leftist when confronted w/ their vitriol. the left loves for us to sit back & shut up & take their stuff, that's how they've whittled away at our constitution all these yrs. :rolleyes: they are good at playing on the sympathies of people who truly care. they are all like undisciplined children who want what they want & take & take & take & take & take..... & manipulate you to take some more, until 1 day, you realize you are in an out of control situation....

    if conservatives would just stop & think for a minute before they react & recognize the manipulation for what it is, they could put that bratty child in his/her place (or the flaming lib.;) ) there is nothing wrong w/ strong discipline! it's a GOOD thing, it builds GOOD character, it produces strong & independent adults & people who can take care of themselves! ;)

    soooooo...... i will confront every lib i can bc i'm not politically correct & proud of it! if i leave a trail of crying leftists.... SO BE IT!

    as far as the soldier in the pic goes, i'd have taken the opportunity too & probably not handled it w/ as much tact, but that'd probably be the redneck in me shining thru.:D
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