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    Whatever style you study, practice it over and over and over ad nausium. Your reactions must be automatic, without having to consciously think about what you are going to do - some call this 'muscle memory', many martial artists call it the 'empty mind'.
    If you have to stop and think about what move to use to block that fist heading for your nose, you will not block it before it reaches your honker.
  2. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    I enjoy the old Japanese/Chinese MA movies that are dubbed into English; some of the audio is FUNNY!!

    I remember one where a heavy set Chinese guy was assuming the Single Whip position used in Tai Chi/Kung Fu. Now I will grant you, it looks a bit odd when you first see a guy stand there with one hand out at shoulder width to each side with one hand forming a hook with the thumb and fingers. But when the English dubber filled in with this guy singing "I'm a little tea-pot, short and stout!", I fell out of my chair.

  3. Than you are a martial artist with a solid background that will do you well in the other disciplines. Personally I would find a gym where they box and start working out again till you are in fighting shape then find a dojo and get kicks and wrestling moves added to your toolbox.


    Jan 29, 2012
    Thats pretty much what I have been working on. I have boxing and Kick boxing experience quite a bit actually. But I can not wrestle for ****. Been hitting the bags and working out so I can join a local MMA gym to learn some BJJ. My wife is giving me crap about it because she thinks with my competive nature I will want to try fighting again. I am not so sure I will I am older and slow these days. HHmm maybe though one time:)
  5. I know what you mean, I didn't stop boxing till I realized the opponents I was facing were in grade school when I started. But I had a lot of wrestling and street fighting behind me. When I was in port I worked out with the marines and army MP's and took fencing lessons at the same time so I had a well rounded work out. Funny thing they wouldn't let me work the heavy bag, just the sand bag. The gym owner got tired of having to retape it so he banned me from that bag. :D Come to think of it he wouldn't let me use his jump ropes either.
  6. As for boxing, golden glove was my thing. Learn enough to beat a few and not enough to lose a few. Never was into karate, but did love judo. Learned most of my skills in hand to hand in the army, and silent kill combat in panama where I took jungle warfare training.

    Most of my close up and personal experience, happened in a few firefights. I was too scared to know if I was any good at it, except for the fact that I'm still alive. I think I owe that to my buddies around me and the man upstairs.

    I just turned 72, and find that martial arts, boxing and any other forms of combat, boils down to one thing.....unless it's a sport, Never fight, but if you do, plan doing it with a vengeance. Show no mercy.

    As for me, I'm to old and to smart. I'd just shoot him, and apologize later.
    Why can't we all just be friends..LOL


    Jan 29, 2012
    Yep if you have to use your hands don't stop until they do. I am getting in better shape but really on the street the first 45 seconds is it. Most **** goes down and is over that quick strike fast and strike first if you have too..
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    I still say bjj + Boxing/muay thai = win......
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    If you are facing one attacker, then jiujitsu, judo and wresting. If you are facing multiple attackers run.

    A boxer or any striker (that has little to no grappling training) should only have one chance against a decent grappler, that is a one knock out punch or kick.

    The untrained street criminal will most likely throw a hook. Also, don't square up with the attacker. Move quickly in a circle around the criminal. He won't have the power to knock you out while his footing isn't set. Then use your grappling to completely humiliate and dominate.

    Fighters square up when you are watching a sport such as mma, wresting or boxing, because squaring up speeds up the action and makes it more entertaining to watch.

    I suggest being in good shape and strong, because most real thungs are too busy getting high and eating crappy food to stay fit.
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  10. Nobody but a couple of untrained drunks ever square up in a street fight. Street fight should never last more than a few seconds, if it does then you have done something seriously wrong.
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    Jan 7, 2013
    I've seen plenty of people square up in fights. I was a white boy who grew up going to schools with kids in the hood. Less than 20% white in the horrible schools I went to.

    Maybe, I used the wrong term when I said squared up. To me squared up means to fight with someone right in front of you, or even slightly off center.

    If you get a striker moving in a circle it takes most of their power away.

    Most thugs can't grapple worth a darn and are usually so out of shape its sad.

    I had over 30 fights, since I was a pretty faced white boy walking amongst black and mexican future criminals in school. The only 2 fights I ever lost were to white guys who wrestled in school. That taught me 2 things 1. I had to learn to wrestle. 2. Avoid fighting wrestlers.
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    any fight longer than a few seconds is just dancing.

    people keep trying to pit one martial art discipline against another; doesn't really matter what you practice, some are better than others for different types of fighting but the big thing is to practice regularly. As with most things, someone who fights a lot is going to usually come out on top against someone who doesn't train very much.

    As much as I enjoy UFC with mixed martial arts, it is far from a 'real' fight. 15 minutes is a looooooong time in any ring. 15 seconds is more like it.
  13. harrymut

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    Jan 7, 2013
    Most fights are usually only 15 seconds, because most men fight like cave men, they throw their fist and stand directly in front of each other. That's how I grew up fighting until I got a clue.

    I haven't got in a fight in over 20 years, the last few when I was in college.
    Usually, the guy would throw a punch at me. Then I'd tackle him to the ground. Sometimes a person would get me in a choke then I'd get out of it and be in full mount. I'd tell the guy to quit and if he kept struggling I'd pop him a few times in the nose and eyes. Most people quit after that.

    I got taught the hard way that a wrestler is going to beat a traditional ignorance brawler 99% of the time. I got my ass beat by wrestlers and decided to join them.
  14. To me it's two angry men a few feet from each other screaming and yelling that they are going to hurt each other. If they do start swinging any hit is a lucky hit. Almost always ends up in a headlock standing or on the ground and both men gasping for air and neither wanting to or able to fight anymore. I haven't been in that kind of fight since 9th grade. Now I'm to old for that kind of silly exercise and learned 40 years ago how to talk my way out of them. Last kid who didn't believe me got a quick knot on his head from my cane and it took the starch right out of him. Just blinked his teary eyes and said "You hit me." Then he went away.

    Wrestling and boxing is different, got rules you have to obey and you aren't really trying to hurt the other man. Did a lot of both and enjoyed the heck out if it. Quit boxing when I was 30 and quit wrestling in my middle 40's. In retrospect I should have quit wrestling when I quit boxing but I was having way to much fun.
  15. harrymut

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    Jan 7, 2013
    It sounds like with your boxing and wrestling skills, at least when you were younger, If someone messed with you they were in trouble
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