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    Hey oscar,

    I've read enough of your posts to get a feel for your style. You tell it like it is or how you feel it is, which is too close to call sometimes. I do the same thing on subjects that fire me up. ;)

    It's hard to type something tongue in cheek and it's hard to see the glint of humor in your eyes via Algore's internet invention. :D
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    This is still a great place to share thoughts, experience and ideas. We all have our own ways of doing things and bring our experiences to the table. So it makes for a diversified learning experience with every question and answer. I do not always agree but I can sort the fly specks from the pepper to get the best out of every reply, so thanks to all in your own way for your ideas.

    I do get kick out of the old "drag them back in the house" thing. But I often wonder at what those who would have us do so will do with all that stuff leaking out of the carcass after you have shot it multiple times with your favorite blaster. And for those fortunate enough to never have had to deal with this phenomena, I say to you from personal experience, (three times in the past 15 years) there is a LOT of stuff leaking and laying around after a body has been shot. And remember wherever it is in your home, office etc. someone has to clean it up. Now you can hire a hazmat team to come in and do it for you at great expense or you can elect to do it yourself, but it will have to be done and it is anything but fun.
    So please put that in the little black book of things to deal with before, during and after the shooting. Also remember that you have just apparently survived a "near death experience". How well do you imagine you are functioning about now. Also, was some or all of your family involved if this took place in your home, and if so are they all unharmed, (physical) that is, because mentally all of you will be a mess for the rest of your lives?

    Sorry for the rant, but I wanted to point out the obvious just for kicks. And I truly mean this for a learning experience for any who are truly interested in and currently practicing the art of self defense. It is real folks, when you shoot someone, pieces and parts come off and land in your home and then the body leaks and I don't mean a bloody Fu%$k%ng nose, I mean it leaks lots of nasty stuff from every orifice (poop, pee, snot and that red, sticky stuff) and you are at some point going to have that mess to deal with. So I would caution against moving a body if it falls outside your home as it will most definitely leave a trail. In addition, you will also have just violated your own crime scene and destroyed your own credibility. Protect your crime scene and your credibility, the cops who show up will not know you or anything about you or the bad guys and will not know the difference until they are able to sort it out. So your credibility is critical and the crime scene may be the only thing that eventually tells the real story and keeps your butt out of prison.

    Food for thought,
    stay safe.

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