Senator Obama, and Senator McCain both only need to do one thing to win!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 17thfabn, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Senator Obama only needs to do one thing to win the race for president. Fool 11% of the voters in Ohio and Florida as to who he is!

    Most of the states can be counted on to go for either Senator Obama or Senator McCain. California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetes etc. can counted in the Obama column. Much of middle America will go for McCain. The two big population states that are up in the air are Ohio and Florida. Odds are good that these two states will be pivitol just as they were in 2000, and 2004.

    40% of the population can be counted on to vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who or what he is. So if Obama can pick up 11 % of the swing voters in Ohio and Florida he will win.

    What does Obama need to do to pick up this 11%? Fool them into believing that he is not some scary leftist. On his ads he is smiling and friendly. He has ABC CBS NBC CNN the New York Times, and most of the other big newpapers to give him free space to look like a "moderate" or "centrist". On top of that he has been raising record amounts of campaign money.

    What does Senator McCain need to do to win? He is what he is, but Obama is obviously not what he presents himself as. If McCain can show the American people the real Obama, McCain will win. Hopefully McCain will have a more vigorous campaign in the fall. So far he does not seem to be trying.
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    True 17---but as long as people like yourself and Buckeye Firearms, along with the numerous groups in Ohio, voice their opinion---it may very well not be the "Hands down Victory" in Ohio that Obama and Co. are looking forward to. The Real Obama is being shown to the people of Ohio everyday---His Flip-Flops on issues are becoming a standard!

  3. Tracker, one group of reliable Democrats that will not be voting Obama are the blue collar union workers who are also devote conservative christians. Obama's friend Jeremiah Wright who calls himself a reverend turned them off!
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    Unfortunately, he does not need to pick up the full 11%. With Bob (Perot) Barr kicking up a storm in the South, Obamasiah could probably get by with 6 to 8%.

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