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    Like a bad penny huh??? Please explain the High Standard`s serial number to me......I am not the brightest light in the room. This is based only on my wisdom and that ain`t much, so here goes.

    My serial number is not even 30 numbers above your starting serial number for the Supermatic Citation Model 103 and you said this was a "mid 1962" pistol.

    My book shows this model made from 1958 to 1966, with less than 30 before mine was made, where did it disappear too???

    Based on just the numbers, wouldn`t it be an early 1958 first year pistol and if not please splain it to me.



    With a complete serial numebr I should be able to find the catalog number for the gun when it was shipped and te day month and year of shipment.

    I would wager that your serial number iis higher than 1,250,925 since a quick check doesn't show any Supermatic Citations below that in the 1,250,xxx range.

    The majority of the Citations between 1,250,925 and 1,250,999 are catalog number 9263, the 5.50" bull barrel version with a few catalog number 9260, the 6.75" space gun barrel version, scattered within the range at random.

    This gun is from mid 1962 and there were no ribbed barrel mmodels in High Standards lineup at that time the first ribbed barrel gun was the Victor in 1971.

    The polish on the Citations was not the high polish of the Trophy of that era.
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    Aug 2, 2005
    I am familiar with the variability in serial number vs date characteristics of several pistol manutacturers. High Standard has similar yet different issues like the other comapnies and I always recommend the factory records be consulted in preference to generalized charts. My data is based on the factory records but even than generalized data will never be as good as the data for a specific serial number.

    The grooving under the rib on your gun is a characteristic of the 5.50" bull barrel found on a catalog number 9263 and is not part of a weight reduction effort. The dovetail at the muzzle end was for the original front sight before the rib was installed.

    What book lists the 103 series Supermatic Citation as being produced from 1958 through 1966? It is not correct.

    My website has the models listed for the various design series for all the types of High Standard firearms. You will note that catalog number 9263 was available beginning at about serial number 1,223,XXX in 1962 in the 103 series and continued through about serial number 1,514,XXX in about 1963. The 104 series version of the catalog number 9263 began about 1964 and continued through 1966 when the catalog number changed to 9244 which was not a change in the pistol itself but was to distinguish the difference caused by the deletion of the previously included accessories in lieu of a price increase. Teh 9244 continued until 1978

    The reference you quoted of my post references the Supermatic Citations found in a production lot near the approxmate serial number you originally gave. All guns were using the same serial number series at the time of your gun so pistols derringers and revoolvers are all intermixed in production lots which were scheduled to maintain inventory based on orders received and to level the load in the shop. Lot sizes varied in quantity by the relative popularity of the particular model.

    The following image is an image of the factory record on which your pistol appears.


    As you can see, all serial numbers do not have a shippping date. Those that do not have the shipping date, account number and invoice number have instead a key serial number, the key serial number for a particular shipment. One must lookup the key serial number to see the ship date, the account number and the invoice number for that shipment.

    Shipping destinations for pistols from this time frame are not available except for the pistols made under government contract.

    I hope this helps.

    The following link is to a catalog page showing the catalog number 9263.
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    Ok, let me see if I get it.

    Number #939, number #940 ship on the 6-62 date and same account----then number #989 ships the day before to this same account. So three of these pistols shipped to the same account a day apart using the same account number or something like that.

    Thanks for your trouble, glad is was cheap.....cause it shoots like dream.

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    No you don't quite get it. The three serial numbers you reference are all referenced to the same key serial number - "see 1,220,404". One must look up the serial number 1,220,404 to find the account number, invoice number and ship date. In this case these three guns shipped along with 1,220,404 and some others on 6/5/1962.

    Since I don't have the serial number of your gun, I cannot give an actual date of shipment but it I probably safe to assume that it shipped in mid 1962 as I said in a previous post. As you can see why I said your pistol was probably a catalog number 9263. With the page I provided, you can verify the catalog number.

    As you can see from the catalog page, your gun is nolonger in the catalog number 9263 configuration since it was customized by adding the Bomar rib and sights.

    The polish and bluing are a fine job. Better polishing and different surface texture than a factory Supermatic Citation. It appears to be between the super polish of the Supermatic Trophy and the standard polish of the Supermatic Citation.

    I am sure it probably is a great gun.

    John Stimson

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    Apr 26, 2001
    Alright, I see where I misread the data sheet. Mine is number 939.

    Thanks a million, it appears I may have a new bug--darn.

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    It's not a fatal bug but it can be expensive. I have over 70 High Standards pictured in the Standard Catalog of Firearms. There are about 100 basic pistol models. When you add in the different finished and barrel lengths but exclude teh variation sin roll markings, there are about 300 differetn pistols to choose from. I have researched almost 1000 catalog numbers when the revolvers, derringers, rifles and shotguns are included.

    Enjoy your Citation!