shell holder for S & B brass

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    I have some S & B 8X57 cases I would like to reload, but the #2 shell holder doesn't fit them right. Can anyone tell what shell holder fits these cases?


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    Welcome MauserMoe to the forum.

    The only shell holder I could come up with is 8mm X 57 no mention of S&B. The RCBS part 09214 shell holder is number 14.

    Call RCBS and ask them if this going to work for you, they have an 800 phone number won't cost you anything.

    My Redding reloading die catalog list there 8 X 57 mauser and the 8 X 57 Impoved as needing a number 1 shell holder by that company.

    But here again don't know about this S&B brass so try and contact them too.


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    Hi MauserMoe and welcome to TFF. According to my Lyman 47th reloading handbook here are the shell holder numbers for the 8x57.

    Lyman - #2
    Hornady - #1
    RCBS - #3
    Lee - #2
    Redding - #1
    C-H - #1

    There should be no difference for the S&B cases. All 8x57 should use the above numbers. Hope this helps.

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