Sheriffs Grudicks Roadblocks for guns and misdemeanor warrants...

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    Here in Carroll County We had a county Judge and a County Sheriff that alot of folks down here were not happy with...both Democrats. So we voted them out...and in the process wound up with something worse. Irony loves to bit ya in the butt... :rolleyes: We now have a Judge that wanted to get Carroll county involved in a frivilous(sp)? class action lawsuit against the drug companies that make Sudafed and the generic versions as well. He openly admitted it would have been a great financial boost for the county to get funds from a settlement. Well, the quorum court? shut him down on that one!!! And I'm glad they did. I don't like frivilous lawsuits that are initiated because someone thinks they can make a dime off of it....

    And then there's the new sheriff.... who wants to set up roadblocks to check for weapons and outstanding MISDEMEANOR warrents... The local papers interviewed him and he said...just like the judge..."it would bring in an incredible ammount of revenue to the county" blah blah blah
    His little roadblock idea ran into a legal snag and just finished running its course clear up to the Arkansas state supreme court. Unfortunately, he won.... The prick gets his roadblocks afterall and this evening is the first time i have heard anyone talk about actually getting stopped by one. ON THANKSGIVING EVENING OF ALL TIMES.....SHEESH. The neighbors were stopped and their reqistration was run and all that warrants but they were quizzed several times about weapons. They were never searched but i can only assume the only reason they weren't was because no outstanding warrents could be found on them? Who knows... They drive a fairly new car and are pretty clean cut as well so that probably played a roll in their decision? Who knows....

    A few years back i had an old 69 chevy pickup with primer grey for a paintjob. Cops pulled me over CONTINUALLY!!! :mad: 17 times in a row going thru GreenForrest Arkansas. They got to the point were they pulled me over just to chat... They didn't care if they made me late...that didn't bother them one little bit. And i never once got a ticket from all of those stops. I finally quit going to Harrison because i would have to plan for extra time for being pulled over. I worked for Fred at the time and he was not above chewing me out for getting back late from doc appointments and whatever appointments i had. Reasons didn't matter... :mad:
    They loved that truck!!!! The thing was there was not one thing wrong with that truck. No rust. All signals worked...lights cracked had good side mirrors.... nothing wrong.
    I got pulled over one time in Eureka Springs and was told to get out and was patted down and told the reason i was pulled over was because of a BB size hole in one of my tail lights AND i had a tire that was low on air. Only thing was i had a tire pressure guage and proved them wrong on the tire and i laughed at them about the BB hole in the taillight. You could barely see it and it did not affect its function... it still worked. A stinking BB size hole.... jeeezus... :rolleyes: They said you get that taillight fixed now... I said NOPE, i won't! They needs fixed... I said again...NOPE. They threatened a ticket... I said go ahead. They gave me a dirty look and said "have a nice...DAY.." scowling as he walked back to his crusier :D:D:D:D I suspect a ticket would not have held up in court? :rolleyes::D

    One time in Missouri i went up to Bass Pro Shop and was pulled over and checked out...papers liscense all that rot. They wanted to search the truck. I should have told them no but i went ahead and said yes anyway. They did a search without tearing anything up but one of the troopers kept asking me about weapons and i kept telling him no, i do not have any with me...but he kept asking anyway. I'm not big on repeaded questions so i finally said to him..."What part of NO exactly don't you understand?" Well, that inspired them to do a even more extensive search of the truck which left the door pannels off and several other things out of place when they were done. :mad: I told the trooper a brief story about a sheriffs depty that needed me and my friends help one time to subdue a guy he was arresting and that from now on d*cks like him can just go without assistance from me in the future....
    He spouted off some crap about how i would go to jail if i refused to help and such.... I said "whatever..."
    And the end result was nothing, nothing and more nothing. No weapons just like i had drugs... no vehicle defects, at least not BEFORE the nothing... but a lifetime general dislike and distrust of Cops!!!!
    Now, i'm not stupid. I've been helped out by the Arkansas State troopers several times when i was broke down with the company truck. They made calls for me and gave me several rides to service stations over the years. Those Arkansas state troopers are true professionals. You talk to them like human beings and they will treat you nice in return. But those Missouri troopers and the local sheriffs deputites in Arkansas are just jerks....thru and thru. They do not need my help because i ain't gonna give it to them either. They shut that door a long time ago.... And it now looks like they want to take things to the next level? Searches on Thanksgiving.... Whats next?? Christmas?!!!! :mad: I suppose carrolling on christmas will be considered suspicious..... Oh probably not..... roadblocks are not discriminatory afterall because they stop everyone!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Nazi Germany.... PAPERS PLEASE !!!!!!!

  2. So, did you file suit for false arrest? You could be making money on those guys. They have to have "reasonable suspicion" that you're involved in a crime to stop you. The word, "arrest" is Norman French, after all for "stop" and is a synonym for "stop and detain". Stopping you without a good reason is a false arrest. (Our common law legal system dates from the Norman conquest of England in 1066. So there's lots of Norman French words and phrases in the legal lexicon. French was the official language in England until the end of Richard III. That's why all our words for meat on the table are French but all our words for meat on the hoof are Anglo-Saxon.)

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    Oh yeah...a lawsuit...right. Those things take 10 years to wind their way through Federal court only to wind up having a wishy washy judge who never makes a decison on the **** thing....

  4. I think there are a few Officers that like to mess w/ people, when they see the non-local plates. I've been pretty lucky, the only LE that ever harrassed me was the Marines. :eek:
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    Those cops' "reasonable suspicion" was the truck in their minds... Basically, you can profile, and say that it's reasonable suspicion... I was once interested in going into law enforcement. I was part of the Police Explorers Boyscouts Program back in highschool (1995-1996) time frame. We had a cop come out and say that "reasonable suspicion" could be something as simple as a white guy driving through a black neighborhood after dark. Umm, yeah, love one another... :rolleyes:

    Now, to search your vehicle, you either need to allow them, or they have to have probable cause... I'm guessing that you gave the cop probable cause when you smarted off to him, although I understand why you did it.

    With that said, I have a story as well... I was going to town one night in one of my Mustangs, when I stopped for gas at a local convenience store. I went inside to pay, got a receipt, and then went across the street to a grocery store. I noticed a cop car on the other side of the convenience store when I left the parking lot, but thought nothing of it... Well, 15 minutes pass, I get my stuff in the grocery store, then leave. I pass by the same convenience store, turn right at the red light, and proceed back home...

    Next thing I know, I have blue lights in my rear view mirror, so I pull over having no idea what I did. The cop asks for my information, and before leaving my car, I asked, "can you tell me what you're stopping me for?...." He replies, "no, we'll get to that in a minute..."

    So, while I'm waiting on the wonderful gentleman to come back, another car shows up... I'm thinking that I'm being falsely accused of something, but I don't know what it is...

    Finally, Barney shows back up to my window and says, "now, I'm going to tell you why I stopped you... I saw you run through the parking lot of that gas station to avoid the red light before you went to the grocery store... " I interject, "but..." nicely, and he says, "LET ME FINISH!.... and furthermore, you were getting on up to speed when I stopped you." The speed limit was 35, and I was GOING 35. I was driving a loud Mustang, so I'm not going to speed in town. He says, "now what do you have to say for yourself?..."... I pulled out the gas receipt from the convenience store, and said, "does it help that I have a time stamped receipt showing that I purchased gas where you accused me of running through the parking lot?...."

    He steps back, embarassed... The other cop who showed up is laughing his ass off and walks away... He says, "well, I understand that; you must have been on the other side of the store pumping gas." I said, "I was." He said, "well, I'm going to let you off with a verbal warning tonight; drive safe..."

    I think the guy must have been mortified... :D:p
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  6. Actually, "reasonable suspicion" requires an "articulable basis" in law and fact. There has to be a real reason that the cop can explain that shows that he had reason to believe that (1) a crime had been committed in his presence or that a felony had been committed, that the crime was in progress, or that the commission of a crime was imminent; AND (2) the person stopped was the perpetrator of the crime, or an accessory or co-conspirator, or a necessary witness to the crime. He's got to be able to say what the reasons are, and it's got to make sense when he repeats it in court. It's not good enough for him to have a well-founded belief that you're a "bad guy", or that you were in the area when a crime was committed; it doesn't matter whether you had motive, intent, or opportunity, or even a bright-red Mustang. What matters is that he had good reason to believe that you were actually involved in the crime.

    "The cop asks for my information, and before leaving my car, I asked, 'can you tell me what you're stopping me for?....' He replies, 'no, we'll get to that in a minute...", constitutes an admission by the cop that he had no reason to stop you. False arrest. The stuff the cop told you when you were an Explorer was, well, the technical legal term is, "dust in the eyes."
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    I allowed the search...or rather gave my permission for them to do it. They were in the process of searching the vehicle when the cop kept repeating his question. The other troopers had actually finished up moments before i asked the trooper "what part of no" question.... He THEN orderered another search...a more extensive search. Didn't ask for permission either....

    He was a jerk. Plain and simple.

    They're not all like that, but some sure are!!!

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