shock as young start arrested for being in muslim gang

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    some back ground

    a few years ago we had a massive gang rape trial , a muslim gang preyed on non muslim girls , and had up to 50 victims, but only 2 went all the way through the trial , whitness's houses where burned, mothers grabbed off streets and raped , but the next door neighbours to one victim, a single guy and his mate who shared the place stopped one attack ( a fire bombing) and gave eveidence against the attackers that put even more members of the gang in jail

    these lowlives are now trying to intimidate the whitness's again so they can have a retrial and not have any whitnmess's against them and following them around the city attacking them every chance they get

    and who is the ring leader ??

    this soccer star... shoot him too

    PS the storey i published a couple weeks ago about a gang smashing every window along restaurant row in Parramatta ( a city west of Sydney)

    Muslim Brotherhood Militants .. this slime and his mates

    ONE of Australia's most promising young soccer stars is among five teenagers facing court today charged with a series of violent attacks by an alleged Sydney street gang.
    Kerem Bulut, 18, of Berala was arrested yesterday and faced Burwood Court today charged with a range of offences including malicious wounding with intent to cause grevious bodily harm; robbery in company; participate in criminal group; assist criminal activity, affray and intimidation.

    He we was charged alongside three other men and a juvenile.

    During a brief appearance in Burwood Local Court, Magistrate Christopher Longley was told Bullut was a member of the gang MBM or Muslim Brotherhood Militants.

    Along with three co-accused, Bulut is accused of robbing and intimidating two men who were to be witnesses in a trial.

    He was granted strict conditional bail, which was not opposed by the DPP, including requirements that he report to police three times a week and not go outside the family home between 8pm and 6am

    He is banned from entering the suburb of Bankstown, and must surrender his passport.

    He will be allowed to travel outside the country to play soccer, and have his passport temporarily returned, if he gives the court an unspecified amount of money.

    The matter was adjourned to January 24.

    Bulut is a member of the Young Socceroos and started off his career at Sydney FC. He was signed to their youth team in 2008, scoring 3 goals before joining the AIS for 2009.

    He is considered one of Australia's brightest and most talented up-and-coming strikers. He is now playing for FK Miada Boleslav in the Czech Republic.

    Police allege four teenagers and another man were involved in an unprovoked attack upon two men in a car park at Auburn involving the use of knives on August 15.

    The alleged victims were stabbed in the head,torso and leg.

    Police claim the same alleged victims were attacked again during a chance encounter at Bondi Beach last Friday afternoon and allege this attack also was by Bulut and three other teenagers who were robbed of their iphone and wallets.

    Then the next night police say one of the alleged stabbing victims was spotted by Bulut and threatened while outside a club on George Street, Sydney.

    Flemington LAC Commander Det Superintendent Phil Rogerson said it is believed the teenagers are all members or associates of a street group in Auburn.

    “We are concerned at increasing acts of violence and anti-social behaviour involving some young people in this local community,” said Superintendent Rogerson.

    “Police and the local community of Auburn will make it clear that we will not stand for criminal, anti-social or violent behaviour by anyone, including young people.

    “Police have engaged and will continue to engage with local community leaders, youth and religious leaders to discuss and find ways to dissuade youngsters from a life of crime.

    “However, neither we nor the law-abiding members of this community will put up with anyone who chooses to break the law.”
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    I suppose shackling these punks to a wall and castrating them would be against some kind of law or municipal code. To bad because it sure is effective. Over here we would punish them by giving them welfare checks, free medical and free tuition to the college of their choice with an apology for any affront we might have given them. Sometimes a society can be too civilized for ts own good when it allows it's two legged animals to run free unchecked and unregulated.
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    Sounds to me like it's high time Australia reverses its no-gun policy.
  4. Trouble 45-70

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    Aparantly local authorities are no longer up to dealing with these people. It's time for them to go sleep with the salt water crocs.
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