Shooters hold balance of power In NSW Australia

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    THE state's infrastructure projects have been put in jeopardy because of a stalemate over duck hunting.

    Laws allowing the $4 billion leasing of Port Botany and Port Kembla, which would help fund major road and rail projects in NSW, are off the agenda in the upper house after a breakdown in negotiations with the powerful Shooters and Fishers Party.

    Crossbench MPs Robert Borsak and Robert Brown were set to support the leasing bill this week but were told the government was stalling on a deal to allow the Game Council to issue licences to kill game birds on private land.

    In May, Premier Barry O'Farrell promised the Shooters and Fishers Party members he would agree to their demands as part of a series of deals made to guarantee the sale of the electricity generators.

    On Wednesday night, the two Shooters MPs were told they would need to amend the bill if it was to get through cabinet. "They put forward some suggestions to amend the bill, which we cannot agree to," Mr Brown said.

    Now, key legislation like the lease of the ports and the redistribution of electoral boundaries, which would benefit the Liberal and National parties, hangs in the balance.

    "It is not just ports. It is everything in the future. It would tell us the government aren't prepared to negotiate in good faith," Mr Brown said.

    Mr Borsak said: "We expect the government to treat us with respect and to honour their commitments. They have no philosophical love of ducks. They do have a philosophical love of money and an electoral need for money."

    It is understood the Premier, Roads Minister Duncan Gay, Energy Minister Chris Hartcher, Police Minister Michael Gallacher and Finance Minister Greg Pearce are key backers of the duck hunting bill.The Shooters MPs said they do not want to go to war with the government but expect the Premier to honour his word.

    "We have an expectation that the Premier will sort it out. If they want to backslide, that is their problem," Mr Borsak said.

    The minor party, which controls the balance of power in the upper house, is a crucial ally of the government.

    Since the election they have voted with the government on 84 per cent of divisions.

    Mr Brown and Mr Borsak said they were concerned their duck hunting bill had been stalled because of ructions within the Coalition.

    "We know - we are not guessing - we know there are elements within the government, within the cabinet even ... that want to start a fight between the rednecks and the Premier," Mr Brown said.

    "We have a message to those trying to destabilise the Premier: We know who you are, we know what you're trying to do and we are not going to play your game. We will continue to negotiate with Barry in good faith."
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Folks , you may think we be blackmailing the government , your 100% correct

    they made a deal with us , we kept our side to date , they be dragging a few things , NOTHING WILL PASS UNTIL EVERYTHING WE HAVE BEEN OFFERED IS COMPLETED AND LAW

    so yes we can hang or make the gov, and thats exactly what we been aiming for

    and how we been getting our gun rights back

    i suggest you folks look at doing similar

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