Shooting sand sculptures for the travel channel: Southern Ohio machine gun shoot

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  1. sharpie443

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    May 9, 2012
    So a few months back I was at the southern Ohio machine gun shoot with American specialty ammo. We were there to shoot a sand sculpture that the people form the travel channel had maid. They moved the date of the shoot for this event. We started four hours late because the film crew and inanity we were told we could only use "Small caliber weapons".

    Obviously there are some problems defining "small caliber". After showing them that it isn't going to matter what caliber we use on the sculpture they backed down on that. It was still fun despite the camera crews and the rain that washed everyone out later that day. My shoulder hurt for three days after the shoot. Probably most of that came from our full auto saiga 12Ga. Now that the show has aired i can show my video of the sculpture and events.
  2. Killcreek

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    Jul 13, 2012

    It seems though, that every time that the reality TV people get out and film events, that more regulations come down the pike. The logging people, the crab fishing, all of those shows ended up in piles of more regulations once the gubmint got hold of the films.

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    My wife and I watch the "Sand Masters" show for two season's now and watched that episode a few weeks ago. Thanks for the "3rd party" view on the show. It was very cool but certainly not as cool and being there on the firing line. Thanks for sharing.
  4. sharpie443

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    May 9, 2012
    I certainly hope that doesn't happen. It would be very bad for business and it would kill all the fun i have at those shoots.
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