Shoulder holsters

Discussion in 'Self Defense Tactics & Weapons' started by TranterUK, Feb 3, 2009.

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    All true. I might argue the arm thing, as you either have the arm or you don't you know, but you know what I mean.

    I mentioned the shirt collar to make a point. But, touche...a harness is a different thing. I withdraw that and agree you're right.

    Standing...Maybe from a surprise ju attack, these straps could get you in trouble, but I believe otherwise no one would see a strap until the weapon was presented anyways....just speaking for myself, when I'm wearing a shoulder rig, I've a leather riding jacket over the thing.

    If you were to end up on the ground grappling, yes now you've jumped into a pickle, because of what you already mentioned, those straps might become control/pivot points and no training required to maximize their use either. This would be too late to contemplate the gun in that holster probably. So...once in the dirt those straps are relevant.

    Just to share a thought...I believe the best presentation with the shoulder rig, if your threat is very close or closing, may be to just drop into a seated fighting stance, weak hand up protecting the head, and draw and fire. This presentation may be a bit too asymmetric for most to take very serious though.
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    Personally I don't like shoulder rigs, but I'm a big guy and I don't wear jackets. If a person was close enough to grab my shoulder rig, it would be hand to hand till he was stunned or we were seperated enough for me to draw. I would be more worried about the hand to hand combat than, they grab my shoulder rig. You can pull me closer if you want to, but you get what you ask for.
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