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  1. kravi

    kravi New Member

    Mar 11, 2004
    Hello folks, I could use some advice.

    I'm in the market for a side by side (maybe I'm just old fashioned). I'm looking for something reasonably priced, wood stocked, reliable and used. I don't buy cars new, so why should I buy guns new?

    Problem is, I don't know too much about shotguns, so I'm hoping for some recommendations about what to look for, what is good (for the price), etc.

    Much obliged,

  2. StoneChimney

    StoneChimney New Member

    Nov 27, 2010
    I'm going to assume that the big names (LC Smith, AH Fox, Parker, etc) are out of the budget.

    For a decent shooter, look at the Savage 311 series. They were made in one variety or another for many years, are readily available for affordable prices on the used market, and are good reliable shotguns.

  3. StoneChimney

    StoneChimney New Member

    Nov 27, 2010
    Or, if you want vintage I've got a Lefever Nitro Special 16ga... :)
  4. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

  5. myfriendis410

    myfriendis410 Member

    Mar 30, 2011
    Lompoc California
    Weatherby offers a line of good S X S shotguns and they are made by SKB, which also has them for sale. I have to say that a bare bones S X S that will hold up is going to be three times as expensive as a decent pump. If you buy something made in Russia or Turkey you will be sorry.
  6. CHW2021

    CHW2021 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2009
    +1 FOR STOEGER. If , as you state, you do not know much about shotguns you would do better to go with either a new gun or a purchase from a trusted friend.
    When buying a used gun knowledge is your best friend. As we all know, there are a number of pitfalls for the unaware.
  7. Fast Forward

    Fast Forward Member

    Jul 16, 2011
    Chaska Minn
    If you are going to buy a new Inexpensive SBS or an OU I would opt for Double Triggers,
  8. mr.t7024

    mr.t7024 Member

    cpttango30 is right, I have one of their O/U's in .410-I was and still am impressed with it!:):
  9. CHW2021

    CHW2021 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2009
    One of the bigger problems with a used side by side shotgun would be that there are relatively fewer of them made in recent times. The o/u and repeating shotguns have dominated the sales market for the last 30 years. Yes, used ones are about; but, they would be more likely built by a "higher end" maker such as Browning. There is nothing wrong with any gun Browning ever built, they would just be on the high side of cost.

    What is your budget and what do you intend to use a shotgun for?

    If you want to be a tad more practical than nostalgic, widen your scope to include o/u and single barrel repeaters. My reasoning is that if you are "less familiar" with shotguns in general a gun with a narrower sighting plane might be easier for a beginner to learn to shoot well.
  10. Neverhome

    Neverhome Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    If you want a short barrel coach gun or a traditional 28" side by side, Stoger makes both. Most of their SXS shotguns are made in Brazil and are well made firearms. I have owned two side by sides over the years and have never had a problem with them. The are reasonable priced too.

  11. michaelcj

    michaelcj New Member

    Jun 13, 2011
    Lopez Island, WA
    Might want to check out CZ's offerings in an under $1000.00 range.
  12. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Another fan of the stoeger imports here too.

    Heres a shot of my 12 ga coachgun... Its a 420 dollar NIB SXS... I paid 300 for mine.

    Well built, nickel plated, double triggers, checkered walnut stocks.

    I love it.

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