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    Jul 12, 2003
    I am currently looking for a good home defense/duty carry gun in .40S&W (Armed security) The sig Pro is one option I am looking at, but I heard a few negative opinions. It is in my price range (low $400s) which I like alot as I want a new gun, and its made by sig, who have a solid reputation. But why is it going so cheap? Whats the scoop on this gun? One guy told me it's not sigs "best effort". I can't really afford a new P226, USP, or Beretta, and I'm on the fence over the Glock and even its kinda pricey for me. I know everybody's got an opinion, and the gun that suits me is the gun I should buy, but I just need to hear some feedback. Thanks
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    If you want a serious weapon for your 40S&W, I would highly recommend the EAA Witness in that caliber.

    A nice thing about the Witness line of pistols is that once you have your main wepon of choice, all you have to do to "upgrade" it is to purchase a new barrel, slide and magazine for $229.00 and you can have any of the calibers that they list. I currently own a Witness in .45ACP with a .38Super upgrade kit. I am also considering purchasing the .40S&W kit in the near future.

    I was also going to recommend he Kahr K40, however after going to their website, I see that their pricing is a bit more than you desire to invest in a sidearm.

    Good luck on your quest for a weappon to suit your needs.

    I'm sure others will follow to give you their recommendations also, so stick around a while - and while you're at it, why don't you visit some of the other topic areas that we have. I'm sure you will find something somewhere on our site that will be to your liking and or amusement.


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    Jul 12, 2003
    Thanks, sort of...

    Well, due to the overwhelming feedback I got from this forum,(AHEM) I steered clear of the SIGPro 2340, even at a bargain of $420 I just didnt like the ergonomics and the levers had a strange look and feel to em for me... I ended up getting a HK USP.40 with the night sights and 3 mags... spent a little more but I like the configuration and the feel, and call me traditional, but I like a little lever with a white S on one side of it. Can't wait to go pick it up this morning and put some rounds through it. Take care all and good shooting!
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