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    Did you know there was a concern with the first 'gulf war syndrome' vets with their spouses and children born before the war coming down with 'the syndrome' too?

    There is second hand solvent exposure with this solvent which is very frightening.

    Or even cuddling with your honey!

    A 'second hand solvent' exposure? One lady shared with me that she came down with CFS in 1990. Well I knew that her son had been a 'bioremediation' worker on the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup, so I asked, "Did your son come to live with you after his job in 1989?" Her reply, "Yes"

    One man who was a supervisor of Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup 'bioremediation workers' told me that he went court against Exxon with 2 others who have now died ('diabetes' with this chemical is really endocrine disruption) Exxon was court ordered to give him his medical information, he told me. They never did, he told me. I suggest they couldn't if they wanted to. But of course, they didn't want to, I don't suppose. And they don't want to.

    Oh, oh ... I just remembered something:

    Simple Green was used on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill cleanup, experimentally, I'm sure. Those who cleaned the gear – the suits full of 2-butoxyethanol poison already were cleaning them for reuse. These workers are in sad shape too, not that they or their doctors know why? I've heard from a couple of them. They are not well. They are sick.

    Another Simple Green MSDS How long has Simple Green been around? 1987? earlier?

    Now could it be that those who bunk in the Fire Station with others who are painters & getting exposure to this chemical ... or those young men who were 'bioremediation workers' and then went to college in small college dorm rooms with 3 others ... may have expelled the chemical and exposed other young men unsuspectedly? The workers of the 'bioremediation' experiment of the Exxon Valdez oil spill were ALL young men. (Nice homogeneous group for Exxon's medical experiment, right?)

    How to recognize a chemical overexposure:

    Regardless of age, a cough is sometimes a sign of too much of some kind of chemical exposure (Not often considered, is it?) If your baby starts coughing & is not 'sick' check who baby's been around before you grab the cough medicine.

    A doctor I talked to once was quite pleased that he had medication that fooled the coughing mechanism ... Well, what good does that do? Most people should want to get to the root cause of their ailment. Not just deal with a symptom. Here are some different ways people may react to a chemical exposure - not everyone reacts with a nagging cough that won't quit ... for others it might be a headache, etc. etc.

    The point of the matter with this chemical exposure
    is that it is an unnecessary and a preventable harm.

    In conclusion, a brief overview of signs of the hemolytic anemia fatigue:
    You should have some of these symptoms, as well, if you don't have enough mature red blood cells:

    Pale color
    Shortness of breath
    Rapid heart rate
    Yellow skin color (jaundice)
    Dark urine
    Enlarged spleen

    And even these concerns (Central Nervous System)

    Central Nervous System damage showing up sometimes as
    Loose your temper easily?
    Short term memory loss
    Difficulty concentrating
    Personality changes to 'grumpy' - Extreme Irritability
    All the time Depression
    Suicidal Tendencies

    You see, this is a neurotoxin, too and maybe the govt will be studying it this time around. I've passed it on to Dr Haley. There is 14million more being spent to help find the harm to the first gulf war vets. And 2-butoxyethanol and diethylene glycol monobutyl ether are on the lists of solvents and pesticides the gulf war troops were exposed to.

    But I share with moms and mechanics ... and painters ... and those who clean oil spills (there are several around the country now) to be careful of these!

    The cleaning component in many of them, even those that declare to be non-toxic based on how diluted they are supposed to be, could actually be harmful ... since they are the same ones used on the cleanup on the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup. We should find out what did happen to these workers.

    This time around when the troops come back not feeling well. Ask their doctors to check them for hemolytic anemia ... and

    Can't use CLP, then, because for repetitive use, wear goggles and chemical retardant gloves is what the instructions say. Get something else!

    Better disclosure is needed? One seasoned auto painter told a young man who wanted to spray paint his car ... 'be very careful: worst exposure to the paint is getting the vapors in your eyes; and also at the cuticle area of one's hands' I think this was good advice.

    Does the Military use a lot of "Simple Green?" Maybe someday, we'll find that CFS, CFIDS and 'gulf war syndrome' were caused from 2-butoxyethanol. Did you know that the warnings on 2-butoxyethanol state not to get in the waterways... ? so what's this biodegradable all about? Maybe we're poluting our ground water and exposing whole towns?

    It's all in the dose, they say. How much exposure? ... in what fashion? ... for how long? It's like a game of Russian Roulette

    MSDS info on 2-butoxyethanol that I've gathered, or go find your own. There is a lot known about the harm of this chemical [​IMG]
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