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    Have a 12Ga side by side w/ beautiful engraving on case hardened receiver. Top of 26" barrels marked: "Simson Suhl". Center rib: "Made for Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co." Wood appears to be very nice walnut. Stock is of straight design and is nicely hand checkered as is forearm. No buttplate, however, butt wood is also checkered. By all appearances this seems to be an above average German-made shotgun. Anyone know anything else about it? Value etc.?
  2. Simson & Co made very fine sporting arms in the town of Suhl before WW-I and up to the beginning of WW-II. When the Nazis took power the firm was confiscated from the Simson family, who were Jewish. Following WW-II the firm was briefly returned to the Simson family, but again seized, this time by the East German authorities. After the collapse of communist athority the name re-appeared on some firearms, but little is known about ownership. The original Simson Co was making motorized vehicles (and not firearms) when it finally closed its doors, so it appears that someone else was using the Simson name to manufacture firearms - though they were said to be of somewhat lesser quality than the originals.

    Your gun is likely one of the later versions given the added name of Iver Johnson, an American company, who I suggest may have imported some of these later guns hoping to capitalize on the Simson and/or Suhl name. Simson shotguns often had very fine engraving and the EARLY versions are collector items, though primarily in Europe. I own a pre-WW II version (proof marked 1924) in 16 gauge, but have found that determining value can be very difficult. Auction sites have been my only source, and values vary widely. Later versions also turn-up on these auction sites

    You can learn more about the company (but unfortunatly little about their firearms) by doing a Google search for "Simson & Co". Also try seaching at:

  3. Proof markings can be found on the underside of the barrels at the breech end. To see them you must first break the gun down by removing the fore-stock (there should be a lever for this purpose), then opening the gun (as if to load same) and removing the barrels from the action, On the flat surface of the underside of the barrels there MAY be numerous stampings which include the bore size (a 12 gauge may be shown as 12/1) and various other stampings. Look for a somewhat larger stamping similar to the bore size example above. Mine is 12/24 which indicates Dec, 1924. My gun also has a serial number on the bottom of one barrel under the fore-stock.

    Newer guns may not have all of these markings as proofing each and every gun was less critical as barrel metals improved. I am NOT an expert on Iver Johnson, but to the best of my knowledge they didn't get into the hardware/sporting goods business until 1983.

    By the way, you can purchase a fairly complete book on Iver Jonhson guns at for about $35, AND, if you are convinced that your gun is pre-WW-II, don't fire it until checked by a skilled gunsmith - and then only use low brass target loads!

    Keep me informed as there is little info available about these great guns and I would like to learn more. Good luck.
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    Im looking for information on a Simson 12 gauge side by side shotgun. On the bottom of the receiver is an engravement of a standing duck with reeds and the word Simson, on the side are the words Simsonwerke- Suhl. On the underside of the barrel is, 13/1 with a 12 in a circle, 70mm, Nitro 534. There is also a U with a crown above it, Suhl in a circle, W with a crown. The serial # is 36902. On the top of the barrel are the words FLUSS-STAHL KRUPP ESSEN. The gun is in goog condition it shoots well and the stock has no cracks or damage. It has a rubber but pad on the stock. The graving is in good condition but it appears as if someone attempted to turn the screws on the side and marked them up a little. The blue on the gun is mostly gone and the end of the barrel is a little pitted. It has what appears to be the original bead on the tip of the barrel. Could any one give me information on this gun, year, marks, and a ball park value?
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    You got a prewar Simson. 534 means may 1934
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