SKS Droopy Bayonet--What causes this?

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    I have a friend that has a Chinese SKS that's in great shape, other than the fact that the bayonet hangs open at the tip about 2 inches. He has tried replacing the collar spring, and the collar. He even tried stretching the old spring to make sure it wasn't simply a tension problem. Nothing worked.

    I remember a discussion about this problem some time ago, but don't remember the details. His SKS is Chinese. I can tell it has had the bayonet off, possibly when sold, and then "a" bayonet installed. No idea of what nationality the current bayo is.

    If I remember correctly, the Russian collars and Chinese collars have some differences? Anyway, I know some collars have straight-sided notches for the bayo latch and other collars have a diaganal cut side on one side of the collar.

    Anyone have a recollection of this problem and the remedy? Thanks for your replies.

    Regards, firstchoice
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    May 8, 2012

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    Sorry, it is a spike.

    Thanks, firstchoice
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    That's the first thing that came to mind when I read this post. :D

    Seriously, I think to find a real cure for this bayonet will require some images of the locking system. It may be a combination of the wrong parts.
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    Here are some pics of my lock for my Chinese SKS.. pre import. Although my bayo is a replacement (original was lost). This is a 13 Million S.N., so I believe 1969 ish...
    Hope this helps.... Like Viagra!

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    Oh.. and if any one has a "spare" cleaning rod that they can manage to part with... thats about all I need to finish completing my SKS...
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