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    OK sorral stand up make your finger pistol and try a few draws and you will see this is not the case. Many law enforcement agencies use these types of holsters and they work. Also it's "Flagging yourself" not "Flashing yourself." The non-gun hand moves the coat aside and is out of the way of the pistol. Try it.[/QUOTE]

    Sorral, you are correct. There is absolutly no way to draw a gun from a shoulder holster, are a holster at the small of the back, with out sweeping some part of your body. Any time the barrel of the gun crosses any part of the body, it is called sweeping. It's not a good idea to sweep any part of your body while drawing a fire arm due to the posibility of AD (accidental discharge). Do these holsters work? Yes they do, but they are not for everyone. Personally, I do not use either. Not because of the fact that I have to sweep an arm, or a leg to draw my gun, but because I find them uncomfortable.
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    I think most of the SOB holsters come with a $25 coupon towards the
    purchase of a walker from the busted spine you received from said holster. :D
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    I think it's for physical therapy once the broken vertebrae heal. Every 15th appointment you get one free.
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    Anyone remember the Irish Rovers and the "Humpty back camels"? Well that is what you look like if you carry in an "SOB" holster and have to tie a shoelace.

    (But they look great on the TV hero.)

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