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  2. Even if ACORN doesn't stuff ***** in the ballot boxes and the zombies don't leave their graves to vote, I don't see Brown being sworn in before AdolfCare gets rammed through.:mad::mad::mad:
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  3. Well now, maybe I'm wrong about the *****-ocrats trying to hold-up the election certification:D
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    What other tricks is the POTUS gonna do that's legal or illegal to ram through his healthcare package? I'm sure there is something in the works as he probably thought of the Brown win scenario. Now on to plan 'B' to skirt around this latest setback. Mr. President, how about attending to the problems of the country, instead of ramming unpopular healthcare down our throat? And why is congress exempt from the healthcare bill? And where is proof of Birth Certificate? Answer those, Mr. President.
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    Ya can make book that a whole lot of eyes got opened in D.C. last night.

    I wish I coulda been a fly on the wall with a tape recorder in any one of several offices around Capital Hill & 1600 Penn. Ave., last night and today. ;) :D :D :D

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    So there really are zombies? Do they all vote Democrat?