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  1. Thanks for the input, lots of good ones. My laptop screwed up not long ago and I lost a lot of stuff that wasn't backed up. Thanks to you all my library is growing again. I hate it when I can't remember songs that I like. I think it's called old timers? LOL Here's another favorite that I just found back. Enjoy!

    P.S. Where are you Terry? I bet you can tell me lots of good ones.
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  5. Thanks guys, all good. In Christ Alone, oh my that's a pretty song. I can't remember ever hearing it before, I had to listen twice. Here's one that could be my ballad that I found back.
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    It took me a while to catch up from the internet and THEN the telephone outage, but finally got here. I have not downloaded EVERY song on this thread, so if I dupe please forgive me -


    I attended a very small little country church some years ago when I was working far from home. A young woman there would sing this next one as a special. She had a great voice, and a very pronounced southern 'twang' to her voice that made this song HERS. This group is close, but too fast -

    And this one is from my youth, when as a confirmed Atheist I still found myself moved by this song by my favorite singer:

    My favorite one to sing in church is our National Hymn:

    And this one moves me the most of all:
  7. Thanks Terry, my TFF friends have really came through for me on this, as I knew they would. So many good songs! Here's one that has a dual meaning for me, it also reminds me to hang on to the A.A. Promises.
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    Nessum Dorma,,,from the Opera Turnadot by Giacomo Puccini,,,,Google Pavarotti
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    Yeah, that one too!
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    We sang this song in Church many times, but hearing it one time in particular it really came to life for me.
    I woke up one morning before anyone else in the house. As I sat alone I decided to put in me earphones and listen to some worship music. The song Let it Rain started playing and I started to meditate on the Lord a little. The lyrics say, I feel the Rains of Your Love, I feel the Winds of Your Spirit, now the Heatbeat of Heaven let us hear.
    Many times I have felt the Rain and Wind of the Spirit of God, but how I desperatly need to hear his Heartbeat. I need to know him on a deeper level.
    Anyway, as I sat there quietly, my five year old son woke up and came and sat in my lap. I held him in my arms and kissed his head and thought of how much I love him. Then he taps me on the chest to get my attention, I took me earphone out and said, what is it Brady, and he said, I want to hear your heart, then he layed his head on my chest. What an awsome moment, at the same time that I am saying to the Lord, I want to hear your heart, my son said the very same thing to me. Here we are, two Daddy's and two Son's, sitting and Loving one another.
    This was certainly no coincidence rather the Lord showing his reality to me.
    So here is the song, I hope that you will listen to it with the expectation the He will show his Love to you as well.
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    Bakerconch, what an outstanding moment -

    I had not heard this before -

    I really enjoyed it, and thank you!
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