Spanish FR-8 308 Rear Sight

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Hello, I'm new to this forum:
    I recently picked up an FR-8 (really nice condition), but need some help with the reassembly of the rear sight. What I acquired were the rifle and pieces that are supposed to come together as a rotating distance disk. The pieces include:
    1 - rotating disk,
    2 - detent ball, and
    3 - spring.
    It appears that there was a pin that may have passed from the front of sight, through the disk, and then into the rear part of sight. However, it seems to have been sheared into three sections (one in the front portion of the sight, one in the disk, and one in the rear sight portion - not sure). There is also a slotted screw at the front portion of the sight.
    Could anyone help me with reassembly?
    Thanks - Greg

    Also, and this is likely a novice inquiry, but when persons post pictures or are selling firearms why do they block/hide or otherwise keep others "in the dark" about the serial number?
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