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    I am posting the follwing at the request of my Bro "WARDOG"

    On may 24 and 25 at Franklin D. Roosevelts Museum, location Route 9, Hyde Park Dutchess County, NY.

    There will be a Timeline Display from the Civil War, Korean War to the present....It is a great event, very detailed and authentic!

    We encouage all Vets & Non-Vets to attend if possible. We have a great showing every year however, this year is more important than ever, being we are currently at war.

    The public needs a hard core reminder of the Men & Women that have preserved their freedom, both past to present. If you could get this message out to the folks & troops at the new TFF network of boards, it would mean the world to me!

    We are supposed to be having some "special guest" that is going to make security tight so I am am thinking it will be someone very inportant.

    I know it is hard for some vets to be in this position of a reminder of the horror they have seen but it is also a good place for guys to reunite, friends or family looking to find friends of KIA's, or MIA's (loved ones) or finding out info on guys with men who served with them.

    Thanks, WarDog

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