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    "I'm going to be looking for other means of addressing this problem," he said. "Cap and trade was just one way of skinning the cat," he said, strongly implying there will be others.

    I guess last night we just didn’t explain it to him good enough for him to understand. Final Explanation coming in 2012.

    The president opened his post-election news conference by saying voters who felt frustrated by the sluggish pace of economic recovery had dictated the Republican takeover in the House.

    DUH! You’re a day late and I would say a dollar short – BUT YOU GOT 870 BILLION OF THEM. I will leave it there.

    Asked to reflect on the returns, he said, "I feel bad," adding that many Democrats who went down to defeat had done so knowing they risked their careers to support his agenda of economic stimulus legislation and a landmark health care bill.

    Feel Bad???? No you don’t. I recall you saying that you might lose a couple of seats but that was price you were willing to pay. Do they even remember what they say?

    The president said he was eager to sit down with the leaders of both political parties "and figure out how we can move forward together."

    REALLY????? Like with that 1 ½ foot tall document that cost 870 BILLION dollars WE paid for and you didn’t let anyone read the blasted thing before you locked the doors and voted on it. REALLY?????

    One controversial issue, the president said he saw a possibility that Congress might agree to overturn the military's ban on openly gay service members when lawmakers return to the Capitol for a post-election session later this month.

    REALLY???? This is a big enough issue to aaaahhhhh have a meeting about???? Maybe drink a beer with some gays on the front lawn. Yea!!!!!

    He sought to tread a careful line, suggesting he would cooperate with Republicans where it was possible and confront them when it was not.
    "No one party will be able to dictate where we go from here," he said, a clear warning to Republicans that he won't simply bow to their demands for a sharply conservative switch in economic policy.

    OK Let me summarize this for you. America you have been told to stick it.

    The president said the economy had begun a recovery since he took office but Americans became wary when they saw government bailouts of failing banks and two of the Big Three U.S. automakers.

    Recovery - Nope don’t think so.
    Market up, yep after billions of tax payer money was used to wall paper bank walls.
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    I'm not sure I'd read too much into this apparent Rep. victory. I really believe more folks were voting against the Dem's. In most cases there was no other option. If the public sees business as usual or reverse partisan back stabbing, I think we will see the emergence of a third party in 2011 or the lowest voter turn out in history.
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    We all need to write, call, or email our reps and senators and insist that they work toward;
    Small govt
    Repeal Obamacare
    Term limits
    Spending cuts
    Extending tax cuts
    Tort reform
    or we will vote them out in the next election.
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