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    Jan 14, 2011
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    I just ordered a springco recoil reducer for my v-16 longslide. Has anybody had any experience using these to reduce recoil and also to be able to use a stronger recoil spring with lighter ammo without damaging the gun?
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    Sorry, i have no knowledge to offer you on your question.....



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    Aug 9, 2010
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    Did you mean to say, "able to use a LIGHTER recoil spring..."?
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    The Sprinco Recoil Reducer works when properly tuned but I don't understand the "stronger spring for lighter ammo" part of the question.
    If you will email Sprinco and give them the specs on your pistol, they will help you set the system up to work properly.

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    Aug 9, 2010
    Puget Sound, WA
    When I decided to shoot the 45 Super in my S&W 1911's, I had spoken with Garey Hindeman of Ace Custom (the owner of the 45 Super trademark) several times. Additionally, I had read the history of the load's development and modifications others had done to their pistols. In the 90's I ordered recoil rod assemblies from a gentleman by the name of Thomas Menck for my 10mm Smiths. They worked with no problems.

    Months ago, I ordered two of Sprinco's "Cor-Bon" recoil rod assemblies to use with the 45 Super. The only problem I have found is in hand cycling the slide as at the end of the cycle, it gets so resistive as to be near impossible to complete and lock back by hand. How the regular Sprinco would work in hand cycling, I don't know. So my concern is in an emergency, would I be able to cycle the slide or not?

    In firing my pistols, I have nothing to complain about. They work well with no signs of peening or visible signs of pounding. BUT!!! - What they say about not using a standard pressure 45 with their assembly is correct! Round after round of standard pressure would either fail to feed or fail to extract. Much the same with +P. Now, remember, I am using the "Cor-Bon" model, not their standard upgrade.
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