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Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Reply Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Hello all, I am new to this wonderful board of yours. And I am needing your help...

    I have decided to add some modifications to a recently purchased Springfiled Mil-Spec. I already own a Loaded Pistol, but that is more of a trophy piece rather than a carry pistol. However I really like all the enhancements on the Loaded pistol. Here what I will purchase for the mods:

    1. Full guide rod - from S.A.
    2. Match Trigger - from S.A.
    3. Combat/spurred hammer - from Wilson
    4. Beavertail safety - from Wilson
    5. Flared Magwell - from Wilson
    6. Tritium Night sights - Suggestions?

    I am needing to know if I left any parts out that are needed to accomplish these enhancements?

    I will have my local gunsmith to polish the feed ramp and put on the parts. He is very good however, I am on a tight budget and I rather not have to pay for any additional parts at full retail price from the gunsmith since I am headed to a gun show to get the majority of these parts this weekend.

    Help please...

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    Reply Re: Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Hi SA45......welcome to TFF.

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you trying to make a mil-spec into a carry gun?

    If that's the case, here's my opinion....

    1. Full guide rod - for a carry gun, doesn't make enough difference to make a difference.
    2. Match Trigger - unless you've got a LOT of trigger creep, probably not necessary.
    3. Combat/spurred hammer - looks cool, doesn't functionally help anything....MAY possibly be less likely to snag on the draw.
    4. Beavertail safety - nice to have....prevents hammer bite.
    5. Flared Magwell - probably not necessary, but won't hurt to have it.
    6. Tritium Night sights - OK if you want 'em. I prefer a nice no-snag adjustable.
    7. Don't forget a good set of comfortable, non-slip grips. Probably more important than any of the above.

    Just to let you know where I'm coming from.....my favorite carry gun is my Colt (LW) Commander. Polished feedramp, trigger job, enlarged ejection port, long tang grip safety, MMC adjustable combat sights, Pachmayr wrap-around grips, Pachmayr flat mainspring housing.

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    Wed Turner
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    Reply Re: Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    I'm going to hi-jack this thread a little. I'm curious how you like your new springfield. A buddy and myself have both been thinking of buying that exact gun and would like to hear what you have to say about it.

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    Reply Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Thanx...Xracer for the warm welcome.

    I am needing help specifically in regards to the addition of the Combat/spurred hammer, will I need any additional internal parts to accomodate this particular enhancement?

    The whole story goes like this: I already have a "Trophy" 1911A1, it is a Springfiled "Loaded" variant, unfortunately it was one of the first series of "Loaded" pistols that Springfield made and therefore it came out of the box with very deep front and rear slide serations...ouch! Everytime I handle the pistol I end up cutting myself or at the very least taking several layers of flesh off of my fingers from just handling the pistol and working the slide. I have already had a gunsmith polish the sides down a bit to try to correct this, it didn't work.

    That is why I purchased the Springfield Mil-spec, from what I read on this board about this particular model I figured, I would start with a good quality base gun.

    I am very impressed with the Springfield 1911's and I really enjoyed the enhacements on my Loaded pistol, that's why I am wanting to add these similar enhancenents to the Mil-spec.

    I love my "Loaded" 1911, I just need one that I can actually handle, use and shoot without having it draw blood...(specifically mine!!!)

    I should have paid better attention when I purchased the pistol about 4 years ago for about $485.00!!!..but hey I was young, dumb and full of...well know what I mean...

    You fun and helpful comments are and will be very appreciated...

    - Chuck

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    Reply Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    The Mil-Spec is great....I really liked the modern light grey finish it has, it actually is more of a hybrid or "updated" Mils-spec. The Ejection Port is already lowered and flared to help with the brass extraction. The mag well is already flared a little to help loading mags. It shoots really well, I use wilson mags instead of the factory mag...another thread on this forum warned me about them, so I didn't want to chance it.

    I'm just so used to the 1911A1 "Loaded" pistol's match trigger that I have to do that mod more for my shooting comfort and habit. And most importantly, it doesn't draw any blood (mine) when I work the slide and handle the gun...see my previous post.

    Really, the only Mil-spec that I noticed is the styling of the grip safety, the hammer, and grips. Even the thumb safety is a "newer/larger" design.

    Hope this helped...Chuck.

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    Reply Re: Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Remove the mil-spec hammer and install the combat hammer. No other parts needed.

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    Reply Re: Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Just to be weird I have a GI enhanced SA 45, ie beveled mag well and high polish blue finish with no mods which shoots 2 inch groups at 25yrds with Rem match ammo. That is with the old 2 piece brazed barrel.

    I put tape in the web of my shooting hand and press on.

    Smoky the cheap

    shooter45 us
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    Reply Re: Springfield Mil-Spec - Modifications Help
    Smoky, nothing wrong with the S.A. two-piece barrel.
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