Springfield Model 1896

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    Oct 18, 2008
    Hello, all.....
    I'm about to take possession of this Springfield Model 1896. These are the only photos that I have, but a trusted friend tells me that in hand, it is in wonderful condition.
    My question is: Since I collect WWII only, I'd like to know if this rifle could be traded straight up for a matching K98 or an M1 Garand in similar condition, or if not, what I'd expect to pay in addition to the trade.
    I realize that these photos are not comprehensive, so I'm really only looking for ballpark advice.
    I'm grateful for any advice.


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    The rifle you show is commonly referred to as a KRAG. See:


    These, in my experience, are not highly sought after rifles but you may Google "KRAG Rifle" and find a collector forum where they can give you a better picture of the value of this gun. This gun was, for a time, the official US Army weapon of choice but it was replaced by the Springfield '03. The Krag used a rimmed ammo commonly called 30-40 Krag whereas the then new '03 used 30-03 and later 30-06, both semi-rimmed, more powerful ammo. The Springfield '03 was so close to the design of the the then revolutionary Mauser 98 that the USA had to make patent use payments to Mauser (after the USA lost a legal action). The Krag was not in the same league, design wise, as the '03 or the Mauser. At least that is the way I understand it.

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    What he said :D:p

    I've heard that the old .30-40 Krag is a decent round for target shooting and hunting. IIRC, Teddy Roosevelt used a Krag in .30-40 on an African safari to kill all kinds of animals (if I"m wrong about that, someone let me know). I've also heard that the action on the Krag rifle is very smooth and easy to work quickly, much like the later Lee-Enfield set-up. I've actually been thinking of trying to acquire a Krag for a while, but the ammo is even harder to find and more expensive that .303!

    You're in NYC I see. If you were in this area (outside Charlotte, NC) I know a local gun store that usually has a decent selction of C&R rifles and will gladly do trade-ins, layaway, etc. I bought my last Enfield there and then traded it back to them for a K98k Mauser. Try some of the gun stroes in the area or ask around with the local C&R collectors.
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    Jan 23, 2009
    Bobcam1 your Krag was made in 1898, the last one I had which was a 1896Model in fine condition. I got $600 out of it semper fi
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