Square Deal Rolling!!

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  1. The Duke

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    Mar 11, 2006
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    Correct belling would be: Lead or plated bullets .015-.020
    Jacketed bullets .010-.015
    Measure: outside diameter of case mouth, then the case body 1/4 inch below the mouth (diff should be as described above).

    The above reply to my email to Dillon was answered Monday...Got to the reloading cave and followed the above..

    My case measured 0.70...so I readjusted the funnel and hit it at 0.87 on first try..Since Im loading cast bullets, I left it at that... Im now cranking out rounds without problem or excessive flare....I think the SQD will be as fast or nearly as fast as the 550 once I get used to it.

    I must not have found the 'sweet-spot' last week when I was trying different adjustments without any luck..Either someone goofed on the factory setup, or possibly everything is adjusted excepting the funnel...anyhoo...Since I didnt know if the mega-mouth flare was correct or not, there was a little headscratching on my part...

    I would suppose this expansion info should apply to most any caliber and be appropriate for any Dillon Press..

    Thanks to all who offered suggestions..
  2. JLA

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    Excellent Duke.

    And to further simplify setup, you can leave the flare set for cast/plated for use with jacketed. That extre .005" or so on the flare to accomodate the fatter cast bullets wont hurt seating jacketed bullets.
  3. myfriendis410

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    Mar 30, 2011
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    The only hangup I have with my two Square Deals is feeding the primer tube. I bought a Frankford Arsenal tool a few years ago that fills tubes in about ten seconds. Unfortunately it seems they've discontinued it. It was like $15 when I bought it and ran on a 9 volt battery. Very cool. I can do about 600 rounds per hour with the .45 acp. A little slower with the .41 magnum due to it's long case.
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