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    Mar 26, 2003
    My wife's grandfather showed me a .22 a while back and I asked him what the numbers and markings were after I realized this little gun my have some value. He called last night with the numbers. I will likely have to get more info for you:

    Model F
    'Made in Spain"

    He has the box, cleaning kit, 2 original magazines. All in 95% condition.

    The gun is in 95% condition and has been fired once (one magazine full) from what he tells me. All blueing is perfect and he oils and rubs it down it twice a year.
    It operates semi auto and frame/ slide is quite unique.

    Any ideas?

  2. Well, there were several Model F Star pistols which can be initially divided into pre-WW2 and post-WW2. The prewar pistols have a safety behind the trigger, where the post war guns have a thumb safety. There were also several variations of the Model F, with an additional letter such as FK, with set trigger, orthopedic grips, accurized, and so forth.

    The Model F most often seen is the post-war version with a 4" barrel that does not extend past the slide, 10-rd magazine and fixed sights. You should be able to find the Spanish date code possibly under a grip panel (letter and number such as 'G2').

    There are other types of Model F have extended barrels with barrel weights and are called Model F Target and Model F Olympic.

    Assuming yours is a standard postwar Model F in excellent condition, you would be looking at around $200-$250.

  3. jbobin

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    Mar 26, 2003

    Thanks, Doc. Once again your knowledge is supreme. I will check the pistol further for the additional markings and the location of the safety. I think it is post WWII vintage.

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    Introduced in 1928 with the first prototypes, actual production didn't begin until 1931. The pre-1942 (First Variation) have a distinctive beavertail hammer, no half cock notch and the safety consisted of a thumb lever that locked the sear. These were also equiped with a lanyard ring. In 1942, they added the half cock feature, moved the safety like AntiqueDr. noted, and dropped the lanyard ring. The third variation was implemented in 1950 with some contour designs and site changes, and in 1957 the fouth variation was a move from a rounded barrel to a squarish looking barrel.

    The pre-1942 First Variation has some collectors value, and you could probably get $50 to $75 more than what the Doc said for that version. Heck, I'm looking for one!
  5. Actually, compared to Bob I'm just a piker on Spanish steel.
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