stardard arms automatic-pump rifle in 35 remington

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  1. 2 guns

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    Dec 10, 2009
    i just bought a standard arms rifle at a yard said the last one made was in is 35 rem. cal.can be used auto or turn a nut on the end of the mag tube and it can be used as a pump.gun is in exellent condition.any backround on it and value would be greatly appreciated if some of the experts here are familiar with it.

    2 guns
  2. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    The current Flayderman's Guide lists value range of $550 for VG condition to $875 for Exc. It was not a commercial success.

    Wilmington, Delaware company that operated as Standard Arms Co. 1909-11 and Standard Arms. Mfg. Co. 1912-14.
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  3. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    The gas gun is the Model G (for gas). One source says they made some 7000 including 2000 made from parts after the factory closed. Another source says they made 12,000, which is more likely as mine (.30 Rem.) is 83xx. All reports say they also made a straight pump, the Model M (for manual) but the are rare and I have never seen one.

    Initial takeddown is by inserting the bullet point of a cartridge or a similar tool into the hole behind the trigger guard and pushing up. That releases the top of the receiver from the bottom.

    The Standard was the first gas operated rifle imade in the U.S. and articles on it always tout the capabililty to switch to a pump and wonder why it was not more successful. Most writers seem unaware that while the gun could be operated as a pump, the operating rod spring was not disconnected, so the user had to fight the very stiff spring to operate the gun as a pump.

    The collector interest in those guns has not really "jelled" and even one like new will bring only $700-800, maybe $1000 in the box with papers.

    Google "Standard rifle Model G' for more information and links to sources.

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  4. OGC

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    Jun 6, 2011
    2 guns & Jim K,
    Here are the Standard Arms Model G (on top) & M (on bottom). They are both .30 Remington caliber. Forward barrel marked: M.F. Smiths Pat's Patented Mar 6, Apr 10, Apr 24, 1906 Other Patents Pending. Rear barrel marked: Manf'd by Standard Arms Co. Wilimington Deleware USA.
    Model-G Autoloader #5076, 22-3/8" barrel, Gas operated or slide action
    Model-M #1238, 25" barrel, slide action only

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  5. permafrost

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Oklahoma, USA
    Have you shot them? Are you going to? These are entirely new to me. Thanks for sharing.They look like they are in very good condition. Is that a detachable magazine? How many rounds does it hold? I know I can google them, but would rather hear personal thoughts. Thanks
  6. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    No the magazines are not detachable; when the release button is pushed to the rear, the floor plate and follower swing down on a front pivot pin for loading and unloading. The top ejection port is not meant to be used for loading.

    Thanks OGC, for the pics. Your Model G is much nicer than mine and, as I noted, Model M's are pretty scarce.

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